Introduction: Cheap Modern Art Print From Bubble Wrap

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The school year is coming up and, inspired by the new contests here on Instructables, I decided to do a bit of Dorm room art! I saw Print with bubble wrap by jayati0215 and I thought that it was a great idea, and I did it myself. I think that jayati0215's idea of making t-shirt prints was cool, but I decided to Remix it!

Step 1: Gathering Materials

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-Acrylic Paint. I picked up a bottle of some Black Acrylic paint at a craft store near me, because I thought it would compliment the cardboard I was using. You could use any color, and I encourage you to.

-Paint brush. I used a rather small one for the size of my bubbles, so I had to smear it around a bit. If you can, choose a brush that fits your bubbles the best.

-Sharpie. This will be used to draw out your design on the bubbles.

-Bubble Wrap. (Obviously) I had some in my basement from past packages, it should be pretty cheap, even if you buy it from UPS.

-Cardboard. You could buy expensive canvas or go out and get butcher paper, but I was going for a low budget project so I used cardboard.

Oh, you will also need a piece of paper, but it wasn't in the picture. It will be used to draw a plan of what you are making.

Step 2: Creating Your Design

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I took my piece of paper and drew out which bubbles would not be painted. i then directly marked on the bubble wrap which dots would be painted. The unique hexagonal pattern of the bubble wrap makes it ideal for geometric drawings.

Step 3: Painting the Bubbles

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Uncap your paint and dive in! Paint the dots using a generous amount of paint for each dot. MOVE QUICKLY!!! I cannot say that enough! The paint will start to dry, and then your print will appear half-baked and messy.

Step 4: Generating the Print

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Slam the cardboard down on the bubble wrap and press in each area so that it gives a good seal. If you press too hard the bubbles will pop, leaving a little mess. So don't do that.

Step 5: The Great Reveal!

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Let it sit for a bit, then pull the bubble wrap back from a corner, revealing the print. Let the paint dry for a bit, cut your ideal size from the cardboard, and hang it in your room or sell it for a million dollars on Ebay. Whichever.

Step 6: You're Done!

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I hope you liked my Instructable!

If i were to do it again, I would say that I would use the smaller size bubble wrap and make a Lichtenstein design. If you don't know who he is, look him up. Learn a little every day!

I ended up hanging this in my room, and I look at it every morning when I wake up.

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Thanks for reading!


JackDC2000 (author)2014-09-11

Interesting idea!

wilgubeast (author)2014-08-29

Smaller bubble wrap for pop art would be so cool! Top notch remixing here.

johnstat000 (author)wilgubeast2014-08-29


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