hi guys !

this instructable is not a build but rather an arrangement.

i've been working in a very noisy environment from many days. sometimes its difficult to focus at work. i tried many options like covering windows and walls with bubble wrap but nothing could block the noise.

typical noise cancellation headsets are quite expensive and mostly not worth the price so i came up with this idea...

the idea is to block the noise using an industrial earmuff and listen to the audio using a earphone.

the earmuffs has to be worn over the earphones.

P.S. yes the computer behind me is keyswitch protected. (i've made it myself). You need a physical key to access the pc.

Step 1: Selection of Ear Muffs

industrial earmuffs come in a wide variety. typically they are graded from 21-31 db. choose one according to price and fit. (price is important because it has to be cheap.)

i choose a 3m entry level earmuf, it gives me enough noise shielding and is cheap around $6.

Step 2: Selection of Earphones.

choose a decent quality earphone that gives a clear sound and fit. do not cut cost in this component. it is going to add up in noise cancellation to the muff so it can be a mid ranged earphone.

make sure the length "A" shown in the 2nd picture is as less as possible. the earmuff compresses inwards so it might interfere with the earphones and irritate your ears.

Step 3: Warnings!

in-ear earphones are treated as foreign bodies by the ear and can cause excessive formation of wax and irritation when used for longer periods.

stop using when feeling uncomfortable.

<p>This is &quot;Noise Isolation&quot;, not &quot;Noise Cancellation&quot;. &quot;Noise Cancellation&quot; uses sound 180 degrees out of phase to actively neutralize the sound. Passive noise reduction like foam insulation, provides sound isolation; not cancellation.<br><br>Please consider better representing your Instructable as <br><br>&quot;Cheap Noise Isolation Headset&quot;</p><p>By using the word &quot;Cancellation&quot; you are unintentionally misleading people actually looking for a &quot;Noise Cancellation&quot; instructable. And those seeking &quot;Noise Isolation&quot; cannot find your instructable.</p>
Check mine out....<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Headphonz/<br>(I never knew yours until today but we have similar instructables)
Interesting.<br>Instead music you could try white noise. I think it could be better.
Hi, <br>It's also possible to use earphones like koss porta pro. Then u won't irritate the ear so much. Does not block out as good as a in-ear piece. But works well.
<p>nice implementation.</p>
<p>man I noticed a few 'ibles similar to mine. i shouldn't have posted this. </p>
<p>Yes you should!</p><p>Do you have some more instructions? I'm interested in seeing what you did</p>
<p>not much instructions. Ur profile is way cool.</p>
i use a bluetooth headset with a normal earmuff works super
<p>cool </p>
<p>Sah Dude</p>
<p>and what does that mean &quot;sexy as hell&quot; or &quot;stupid as hell&quot; or maybe &quot;stay at home&quot;. </p><p>thanks anyways !</p>

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