Picture of Cheap-O reacher arms for Halloween
this is how i made some cheap-o reacher arms for an actor in my haunted trail. they were quite effective, in fact a woman had to be rushed to the hospital straight from the clown area-she went into labor!

Step 1: A little back-story first (you can skip this if you like)

Picture of a little back-story first (you can skip this if you like)
we do a haunted trail, and one of our actors is a friend of my son. Dillon, the friend, is a BIG boy. last year his clown costume literally shredded off him. so we had to come up with something different. looking online, the Reacher costumes appealed, but we can't afford them... so i improvised with recycled items and ingenuity.
the pic is Dillon, holding my son Josh like a baby. like i said, he's a BIG boy!

Kaiven5 years ago
You should fit an animatronic arm inside of it! :D
susanfromhauntspace (author)  Kaiven5 years ago
Dillon is wanting me to try to modify them for next year with 'grabby hands'... so that is a possibility! =)
thedentist5 years ago
 I'm gonna make this. thanks for the detailed steps.
susanfromhauntspace (author)  thedentist5 years ago
have fun, and i would love to see your finished project if you have time =)