Step 2: Cooling

The case needs a little bit of cooling one fan running off the usb port should provide a enough cooling.

You need to cut a hole in the case so the fan can be fitted to the case

You need to make a USB Fan, here is the link to the instrucatable I used to make my fan.

Once you've made the fan it needs attaching to the case I've used some unibond no more nails tape
i wouldve used a hole saw sized to the fan then drill 4 the 4 bolts.
Did you have to format/reformat any of the storage drives to use them with FreeNAS?
Not strange at all, I've lived in England and in the US. I noticed that quite often the prices were the same in pounds as what I would pay in dollars back home. Probably due to the high cost of living in England.
It's a nice idea, but I would take an old junk computer (about 5-10 years old) and install a decent size hard drive. The hard drive could use a SATA-IDE converter if the motherboard doesn't have a SATA port, or could even be connected via USB (albeit slower). The advantage of a junk computer is they're dirt cheap. You can use one you've retired (or even one you passed on to somebody else when you give them the computer you've just retired.<br>
you could of used the battery to gain ups ability and safer data
I Think I will in version 2 along with some activity light for the hard disk
Could you give me an estimate of how much all of this costs?
EEEpc of ebay &pound;50<br>Harddrive Caddies &pound;20<br>USB HUB &pound;1.10<br>Case &pound;14.99<br>USB Socket 1000mA &pound;9.99<br>PC Fan &pound;3.00<br>USB Lead &pound;1.00<br><br>Total &pound;95.08<br><br>This is strangely the same sort of price in dollars. The eecpc of ebay could be any netbook or a laptop (as long as it fits in the case) so that could be place to save some money.<br>

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