Step 5: Setting up the Share

Setting up Freenas below I've listed out to add the disks and share them on your network if you like to know more or get the most out of your NAS box Try this FreeNas Guide

Now you need to setup & format the Disk and the share.
  1. Login in to the system User name: admin Password freenas
  2. Go to Disk management
  3. Click the + symbol to add a disk
  4. Select the Disk from the drop down
  5. Give the Hard disk a name
  6. Click Save
  7. Click apply Change
  8. Go to Disks > Format
  9. Select the disk
  10. Select the disk format UFS
  11. Go to Disks > Mount
  12. Select the disk which needs mounting from the drop down
  13. Name the disk's
  14. Click apply Changes
  15. Got to services > CFIS/SMB
  16. Click on enable
  17. Click shares
  18. Click on the + symbol
  19. Select the directory than you want share
  20. Give it a Name
  21. Apply the changes 
You should now be able to connect to network share by connecting the freenas ip address