Introduction: Cheap Rabbit Cage

Rabbits need space where they can run around and jump. I bought a cage for my rabbit thinking that it'll be okay but I felt that they needed more space so I came up with this!

What You will need is just

22 pcs of puzzle mat.

The mats only costs for about P88 or $2 for 10 pcs so that's about P176 or $4 for all

Just pile them up and put them together

and That's It!

You can add more mats to add more space.


alexandra.burnell.3 made it! (author)2017-05-28

Most rabbits would chew that to bits, and foam isn't good for their stomachs. It doesn't take much for a rabbit to go into GI stasis, which can kill a rabbit in 24hrs, if it's not caught in time.
Also, urine will soak into the foam which can damage the flooring underneath, and it will stink. If the foam stays wet it can also cause urine burn on the rabbits feet. It's painful for the rabbit and means a costly vet visit.
This set up might be ok for baby rabbits as a temporary measure, but as a permanent solution, you'll be in a world of mess, at best.
Build or buy a wooden rabbit house, with untreated wood (they WILL chew it) and make sure it's big enough for them to stand on their hind legs and can hop three times. This means they have adequate space to stretch and play. They also require access to a run, or a room, as they like to zoom about, hop and binky like crazy. If your rabbit is doing that, it's very happy, and that is the most important thing.

BunnyN2 made it! (author)2017-02-05

How much pee can the mats absorb? And how much do they smell after that?

bunnystell made it! (author)2015-09-16

Oh my!!!! Such a cheap and effective way instead of spending heaps on a silly small run!!! Keep up the great ideas! Their pee is soaked up in the puzzle pieces, so there is minimal mess!!!

Dom scanlon made it! (author)2015-08-26

I can't find cheap puzzle mats

igotabbs made it! (author)2014-08-31

@allyj2406 Nope they do not eat through the foam. They love running around the mat though. :>

igotabbs made it! (author)2014-08-31

Thank you! :)

MsSweetSatisfaction made it! (author)2014-08-30

Nice project, definitely love the price point. Also happy bunnies! Thanks for sharing!

allyj2406 made it! (author)2014-08-30

Couldn't the rabbit eat through the foam?

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