Cheap Shock Cord





Introduction: Cheap Shock Cord

I'll tell you how to get shock cord for cheap!

Step 1: Obtaining Cheap Shock Cord

It happens to all of us. We build an Esties model rocket, launch it a dozen times and then the shock cord gets ripped/burned. Esties sells replacement cord for $$. Many people don't realize that shock cord is actually 1/4" elastic, which you can purchase at any fabric store. Better yet, it's available in the sewing/craft section of your local Wal-Mart.



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    Yeah and you can get rubber bands in so many different sizes. I once used one from a punch balloon I had lying around it was long and lite. Another good one is cut a peice of plastic bag roll it up and torch it lightly with lighter so it binds together. I think the latter is actually lighter than the rubber.

    if ur gonna say stuff like that ur gonna get flamed to hell...

    I dont know how many times I've had to replace the shock cord on my rockets. I try to use things that i dont have to buy. I've learned that one of the cheapest ways is to make one is take a shoelace and tie a bunch of slip knots in it. Its worked pretty well for me

    Heck you could even use the Elastic out of some old underwear now that would really be saving!

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    In Xena (the rocket held in the group photo), we used a small bungy chord. It worked very well concidering it was 1) strong, 2) had premade metal ends to attach to the bulkhead and spring.

    hey why not tie a bunch of ruber bands together dr dr drrrrrrr

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    thats what i thought of at first but minus the dr dr drrrrrrr but with his metod you can make the shock cord as long as you want

    this is truly a life changing moment