Picture of Cheap Shop Organization
I wish I had before pictures but basically my garage floor was completely covered. I would use 2 feet inside the garage and park the car outside and that would be my "organized" area. It took me 15 minutes to find a tool I just used yesterday.

Here is hints and tips on how to organize your shop. The actual process and some of the organizational accessories.

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Step 1: Sorting

Picture of Sorting
The way I love to do it is to start throwing things around. I usually go to Goodwill or the likes and get plastic tubs for about $2 a piece. you can also use boxes, but this can be frustrating when the bottom breaks and can't be used as easily again later. Your local grocery store has boxes they give for free if they have some.

Decide what each box, bin, or Ziploc bag is going to be for.(or decide as you go.) start throwing all the misc. tools in a box. All the scrap metal in another, Cords and electronics in another, Welding supply, specialty tools, nuts & bolts & screws & nails, Epoxies, whatever you work with just organize it in some manner.

Great way to keep a large varity of tools accessable ...nice job !
A small space can be very efficient when you use it wisely.
nicholaix1 year ago
My tools and stuff are everywhere, this gets me thinking about making them a home so I am not wasting time looking for stuff all the time. Creative ideas, mine are woodworking tools not welding but same idea. Thanks for posting!
onrust2 years ago
I turned part of a room into a small shop out of necessity. It worked well.
Zyan (author)  onrust2 years ago
Nice! Looks good!
bricoco2 years ago
Nice instructable, but it's not easy to see pictures.
Anyway, thx for sharing.
Cantra3 years ago
Dude, this would be a lot easier to follow if you had taken a little care with the orientation of the pictures.
Zyan (author)  Cantra3 years ago
yah sorry I just took pictures to show my garage and then decided to do an instructable on it. It isn't really meant to be a specific instructions on making something more like to give ideas of what I did and what you could do.

If you have any specific questions I'd be glad to answer them.