The history: I came up with this idea after a little experience I had a few weeks ago. A group of us decided to tube down part of the Rainbow River. I brought a waterproof box to put keys, cash, credit cards, all the stuff I find amazing that people want to bring out on the water, but don't take carrying them into account. One of the two smokers in the group asked if I would put his cigarettes in the box. When we got in the river I found that the box had slipped off my lap into the water. I had it clipped to the tube handle, but when I pulled it up I discovered that the seal had failed and water was inside. The keys, cards, even cash was fine, the cigarettes suffered. I really felt bad, the guy was good natured about it, but not having a cigarette for a couple of hours was rough on him. So I got to thinking about a personal container that cigarettes would fit into, but would be inexpencive incase of loss.
I was thinking on this while making a PB&J and got to the bottom of to the peanut butter. I put the lid on the empty jar and put in aside on the counter but it tipped off into the sink and landed in a pan of water. It floated, of course, but because of where my mind was I saw a waterproof container, not just an empty jar. And yes a soft pack of cigarettes fit, I borrowed my son's cigarettes to check, with plenty of room for keys, cards cash - and a lighter.

Step 1: Getting Ready

*An empty peanut butter jar
*An old bike inner tube
*An old key ring

" Scissors
" Epoxy
" Pen
" Rough sand paper, 100 grit or so
" Mixing pad
" Mixing stick

Actually any jar will do for this project - just make sure it is plastic with a screw on lid. I used an 18oz jar.

Wash out the jar and take off the label. A little Goof Off, or some such product, will take off the old glue that held the label. Make sure to wash the underside of the lid.

Epoxy can be messy; I protect my work surface no matter if it is - kitchen table or work bench.

Have something disposable to mix the epoxy on, and something disposable to mix the epoxy.
This works great for a field repair kit case. I've been carrying around an unmodded version for a couple years filled with my various "have to haves" to teach field repair to our Troop while on outings.
great idea ! this would even work well for regular boaters and since they come in different sizes you could make a small one for the important papers and a larger one for wallets etc. I really like the gasket idea, for those who don't have old innertubes laying around, cork drink coasters or sheets of cork are readily available at craft stores
I like the way you think as I have been pricing dry storage to use while kayaking. For the past several months I have been using a Wal-mart kitchen storage container (I like to call them fake Tupperware) that has a gasket along the seal. The biggest problem was coming up with a way to attach it to the boat. I used large plastic wire ties but it wanted to slide off of my container so I added the all important duct tape. It’s working so far, but it’s not pretty to look at. Thanks for the instructable! I will most defiantly use your ideas for another dry storage box.
I love the Idea of a dry jar rather than the commercially available dry bags. I preffer something that isn't going to allow "Crushage"

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