Picture of Cheap Way To Make A 3D Ring: Use Shrink Plastic!
Also want to create those fun 3d rings, but don't have the funds or materials? Just use shrink plastic and use your own design.
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Step 1:

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1. Print the free printable stencil. And cut out the ring out of cardboard like in image 1.
2. Design a shape that you want on top of your ring and cut that out of cardboard.
3. Trace the shapes onto the shrinky dink plastic.
4. Cut the shapes out of the shrinky dink plastic. Place the shrinky dink in the oven and follow the instructions on the shrinky dink package.

** Extra tip: My rings sometimes rolled op to much in the oven and would stick together. To prevent this, I wrapped baking paper around the ring before I placed it in the oven, this will put a little weight on the ring and makes it curl less.

Step 2:

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All done!

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dashajiang11 months ago
oh ,My God,it‘s great, I like it.
imagega11 months ago
Lucky Squirrel sells artist grade shrink plastic on-line. If you sand the plastic with a super fine sand paper first it helps the piece from shrinking in the oven. Another trick is to take a scrap of shrink plastic and a ruler and mark the plastic. Once you shrink it you get a good idea as to the ratio of reduction. That helps you size your ring.
imagega imagega11 months ago
Make that "sticking" in the oven. It will shrink ;-)
solmstea11 months ago
Nice results, but it would be a far better instructable if you talked about how to adjust the ring size to fit specific size fingers. Maybe I'll take that on...
HollyMann12 months ago
lanaredstudio (author)  HollyMann11 months ago
trans4mation12 months ago
Those look really neat - I used to make shrinky dinks every year when I was younger. It's cool to see an instructable using them in a unique way like this. Nice! (:
lanaredstudio (author)  trans4mation11 months ago
I also used to make shrink stuff when I was young, and I totally forgot about it until I came up with the idea to use it for name necklaces and discovered all the fun things you can do with it!
Lauraisthename12 months ago
Where I buy shrink plastic?
lanaredstudio (author)  Lauraisthename11 months ago
I bought it online. You can just google "shrink plastic" and find a store that way. I think that they even sell in on Ebay.

Good luck!
RollerScrapper12 months ago
If you have access to #6 recyclable plastic, it will shrink just like shrink plastic.

Check out the container you bought your salad in, that sort of clear hard plastic is usually #6, but make sure it has the # on it.

You can bake it in between two sheets of parchment to keep it from rolling/curling.
lanaredstudio (author)  RollerScrapper11 months ago
I've heard about this and it sounds perfect! Unfortunately we don't really seem to have #6 plastic in Holland. At least, I have found it on regular bottles yet...

thanks for the comment!