Cheap Way to Clean Your Desk,





Introduction: Cheap Way to Clean Your Desk,

This is a cheap way to Keep your desk organized, especially if you have so many things and your space is limited, Find out how by watching this video.



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    Great idea! I've got 2 now! A little spray paint and most people don't even realize what they are!

    This is a simple, effective, easy idea. THANKS! My only modification might be to tape something to the bottom to push it out from the wall a little bit and give slightly more holding power to the rack. The bottom can jut out a little bit, maybe just the thickness of a chopstick, and the stored goods will be more stable.

    greenpro said it in one: totally resourceful, and I loved the idea of hanging it with pushpins. So easy. Thanks

    when is it ever expensive to clean ur desk

    It can be expensive to buy things that help organize your desk.

    generally, it's not that expensive to clean your desk.

    Yeah, not bad man.

    Very good idea..resourceful!

    Cool 5 stars