Picture of Cheap Workbench
Sure I call it a workbench, but you may ask yourself: "Is that big enough to be a workbench?" This specific set of photos I took while constructing a cart for my air compressor and shop vac, but these plans are highly adaptable allowing one to make a table of almost any shape or size. This is the third piece I've made using these plans (see next step), two with wheels and one stationary workbench.

[These plans were developed before my discovery of the Kreg Jig, these plans don't require the purchase of any specialty equipment]

One can easily construct a work bench for $25 with the following:

7/16" OSB (4'x8')
8' 2x4
2 1/2" Coarse Thread Drywall Screws
Wood Glue (Optional)

Note: How much wood do you need? See the next step to design your own.

Circular saw
Tape measure
Countersinking drill bit
Power drill
Carpenter's square
Miter saw (Optional)
Nail gun (Optional)

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Step 1: Size

Picture of Size
You can adapt the size to your needs. I have made three using the same design (The dimensions below are the the size of the wood, not the size of the bench):

1: My regular workbench. This is a tall, sturdy workbench that I use on the regular. Although I just have my miter saw below, its great for stacking boxes or storage totes. I've used this bench as a step stool to work on the ceiling and it felt very stable the whole time.

Tall: 42"
Wide: 48"
Deep: 26"

2: Light-weight cart. It's only light-weight because of the cheap wheels. I use this piece to do some light moving and also set recently painted or stained items on it so I can wheel them outside to dry. The design is some-what reversed than the other two. This is not finished on the bottom; I didn't put the bottom shelf because this thing is always moving. Note: The width and depth are 20", but because of the design the cart is actually a rectangle. Think about this when designing your own bench if you have specific needs.

Tall: 26"
Wide: 20"
Deep: 20"

3. Our finished product. The bottom shelf is dropped to the bottom of the legs (unlike the bench in #1) because it will have wheels. The bottom shelf is short because I used a scrap piece of wood that was just that length (I'm trying to make good use of my wood).

Tall: 28"
Wide: 21"
Deep: 23"
firestarter91111 months ago
Awesome plans, just finished my bench. Thanks for posting this!
are you sure that its osb board? it looks like regular plywood.
B00mrang2 years ago
I really like your design. I was working on a similar bench companion design but yours seems better. I'll give it a try !
jakehathaway (author) 2 years ago
XxHDxX: If you have an elephant, bring it over!

MeNmyShadow: If you live in America, check "Day After Thanksgiving" sales. I bought my chop saw from Lowes on the cheap.
MeNmyShadow2 years ago
Thanks for the instructions! I have everything left over from a recent water damage demo... except the OSB. Great step by step guide too!

Now I REALLY want a chop saw. :(
Nice build
"So when am i supposed to bring an elephant to check if this work bench could hold it"