Picture of Cheap allsky camera
Using another tips "Cheap Wide Range Optical" and a few piece of plastic pipe, make a allsky cam.

Look at this how-to video :


Step 1: The pipebox

Picture of the pipebox
take 2 stoppers and a piece of plastic pipe "between 15-20cm".
In one stopper, do a hole for camera.
dorejc (author) 7 years ago
Well, the how-to vidéo comming soon...
dorejc (author)  dorejc3 years ago
oups .. 3 years later ... this is the video

What is the reflector used in the image? Where did the mirror come from? Why is it not mentioned?
dorejc (author)  superdave54816 years ago
oups ... missing information ... it's a hubcap of W Combi ... ( with no W on it ). more information on www.lamaredunet.fr