Picture of Cheap allsky camera
Using another tips "Cheap Wide Range Optical" and a few piece of plastic pipe, make a allsky cam.

Look at this how-to video :

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Step 1: The pipebox

Picture of the pipebox
take 2 stoppers and a piece of plastic pipe "between 15-20cm".
In one stopper, do a hole for camera.

Step 2: Making the camera side

Picture of making the camera side
paint with Black around the hole.

Step 3: Insert the camera

Picture of insert the camera
I use a very pretty nice Watec 660D camera ( thanks for Watec Inc, very friendly and professional ).

Step 4: Glass protect

Picture of Glass protect
in plastic glass ( 1mm ) cut a circle, and fix it with glu to the upper side of the camera stopper.

Step 5: Fix a T pipe

Picture of fix a T pipe
Do a hole in the big pipe and fix with glu the little inside.

Step 6: Nice Picture

Picture of Nice Picture
soon .... electric part and connection ( video is comming )