Picture of Cheap and Easy Airsoft Grenades
This instructable will show you how to make an airsoft grenade without using explosives or chemicals. All you need is one easter-egg, and some airsoft bbs.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
The materials list for this grenade is very short:

1. ONE (1) easter egg that splits open virticaly
2. TWENTY (20) airsoft bbs
3. ONE (1) rubberband (optional)
dallinh7 months ago

Im curious how far do the bbs go like 2 feet

cjeffries4 years ago
Guys heres a good one. you will need:

1 or more emPty UNLABELED Rx medicine bottle.

airsoft bbs


something to make a hole in the Rx bottle the size of the firercracker

lighter, or matches

First, make the hole in the bottom of the Rx bottle.

Second, put the firecracker all the way in, with nothing but the fuse exposed.

Third, fill the Rx bottle with BBs. (all the way to the top)

Fourth, close the bottle, light the fuse, and throw at target. The BBs shuld scatter in all directions, exploding the bottle to peices.\


yeah and what the frags that fly off the bottle and you only get one use

the only issue I have with all these firecracker grenade recipes is that our local airsoft guys don't allow the use of propellent in airsoft. Though if you could point me to any other non explosive options I'd be grateful.
And you could get charged with attempted homicide... What I suggest is Nitrogen Triiodide, if you can make enough and keep it stable during transport.
no, no you wont
Bowen20021 year ago
Hey ths is great maynn i luv it
mrabbani11 year ago
Airsoft is a fun and exhilarating sport that uses gun replicas for near-realistic police and military strategy games. While the game is played differently depending on what types of objectives are given, every Airsoft game relies on being as realistic as possible. Most people even use the same strategies and techniques used by modern police officers and soldiers when playing a round of airsoft.
eyesee2 years ago
very good
yobwoc5 years ago
I highly suggest sstuffing it with asbestos. XD.
JK never do anything like that.
I prefer anthrax, but asbestos is OK....
no fill it with live bees no mistaking that hit
you homicidial maniac
I thought you were the one whose username is about "Barney the Killer"!?!?
that was before i changed my user name
what are asbestos????
Asbestos is a type of mineral that can give you cancer and other serious diseases.
ohh, thanks!
lmao that would be more effective
kmaungyoo4 years ago
does it even hurt?

zack attack4 years ago
i wonder what the dudes at Operation Lion Claws will say if u use that.
DAxXxBOMB4 years ago
1: More BB 2: Add Firecracker with five second fuse 3: EMPHASIS ON SUGGESTION 2!!!!!
monkeynuts4 years ago
nice idea blah!
xak74 years ago
This is just my opinion but firstly to get this to acualy be effective you have to throw this very hard at a hard surface. Since I usualy play airsoft there is mostly dirt and grass to get this to work I have to be less than 20 feet away. Second, even if it does work the bbs don't move fast enough for you to feel them hit you (unless you are like 10 ft away). And you really can't even use these for when you would want a grenade, like to throw it over a wall. But I have to admit these are pretty fun just to throw, they just arent very useful.
It won't come open when I throw it
You need to take the rubber band of before throwing; it's like the pin on a real grenade.
No I mean when I snap it shut then throw it won't open onless the egg breaks
By "egg breaks" do you mean crack apart or open normally?
cracks apart
Then the size of the ring which goes into the other side of the egg is to big, so you could solve this by sanding down the outside of the ring, or (the messy approach) covering the ring in butter or soap. Both of these might work, or both might not but you'll only find out by trying!
Dumchicken4 years ago
add way more bbs
kve234 years ago
if you use a horizontally splitting egg with the rubberband very tight on the seam. it works very well.make sure you fill the entire egg
i don't think this would be effective as the real air soft grenades.
callkills5 years ago
what the fps?
fps is feet per seconde

 your not that smart
iBurn callkills5 years ago
You're asking for the speed of 20 projectiles going in different directions. Not to mention the fact that nobody would bother trying to chrono one of these.
ToddisI iBurn4 years ago
lol, that would take a while to get
(YOUR N4 years ago
idk why but this reminds me of the time i threw a dodgeball in the air my cousin looks up, slides 5 feet falls over knocks down two people the ball hits 4 other people and he's out cold one persons left on the team
idk why but this reminds me of the time i threw a dodgeball in the air my cousin looks up, slides 5 feet falls over knocks down two people the ball hits 4 other people and he's out cold one persons left on the team
bighead54545 years ago
why not stuff a few of those high-powered little dynamite fireworks in each nade i did it and i was about 20ft away and a bb still stung when it hit me
seabananers5 years ago
you couldn't of tested this
............no comment
jakerox435 years ago
 This seems like it woulldnt be able to throw the BBs too far. Haave you been experimenting with some sort of propulsion?
VailMilitia5 years ago
Ummmm... Branman is right why not just throw bbs?
attach a pin and 1 2 3 it's cool 
Aeshir7 years ago
How do you use it? Do you just throw it at somebody? That wouldn't make the BBs fly anywhere though.
CapnTac Aeshir7 years ago
Throw it at a hard floor.
Aeshir CapnTac7 years ago
But that wouldn't make the BBs fly anywhere. They'd just fall out and roll away.
the ultimate trap. SLIP!!!
get one of those airsoft m16s with spring powered rocket launcher. The raining bbs will hit someone.
I am in the proses of getting one now. The grenade launcher is pimp!
LOL forget them blowing up, you wanna see a grown man fall?
hot him right in the nuts with one of these
things, you'll see a white flag.
Branman6 years ago
why not just grab bb's and throw em at em.
bad aim
lol exactly what i was gonna say...
 lol probably more effective...
Colonel885 years ago
This isn't going to explode very well... more likely to hit your feet than anywhere else...
oblatsky6 years ago
???? chek out my instructable for a good flash...
jmanjman6 years ago
OMFG these tut's are getting sooo annoying! These things dont explode and send a shower of bb's on people! they just break open. geez people!
well i found a good one anyhows...
CHILLLLLLLLLLLL! :-) *..***.*.**.....* (Snow) *..* (raindeer)
Save bb's, use CORN.
thing 26 years ago
ilpug6 years ago
heres an impovement... get a big spring and put it in the egg with the bbs. then close it. the egg should break open alot stronger. glue one end of the spring on to oneside of the egg so you dont have to go look for it.

i still prefer a little firework in it though... i like splodey stuffs =P
J.D. Hound6 years ago
where can I buy a real airsoft grenade in Sheboygan Wisconsin???
yea just throwing bbs works great, but its not fun if theres no bang when it asploads lol would you mabye need to file down the edges, so that it would come apart in the air?
sowrdsman946 years ago
don't u mean horizontally?
no its vertical
not if you hold it sideways
lol yeah
daelans6 years ago
the best airsoft mine ever is made out of a rat trap, a guy made an ible of it, i forget what its called.
The guy in the pic is Brujo from Slovenia.He's a good airsoft player & so are his team.Their pyros are fun to be around when they go off.
tomcat9556 years ago
look up tomcat955 on youtube you will seem somthing about airsoft grenade click it
airsoft26 years ago
hey guys ime new to this so ime not that use to this But all my freinds say ime the best airsoft player ever!
Kazeem airsoft26 years ago
boast much?
airsoft26 years ago
anyone there?
have you tried it?
bra9186 years ago
great for noob kills! For apoof use some flour.(your choice)
finnster6 years ago
Woot woot!! Flecktarn!!
volquete6 years ago
sorry, but a total fail.......bb's wont fly and hit people.......just buy one....
actually I tried it i didn't think it would work either but i threw one straight down and my balls hurt for weeks lol its weird it shoudln't work can someone explain how it works is it like a frag grenade?
This wouldn't hurt though, and isn't even a grenade because the definition of grenade is; A small bomb or explosive missile that is detonated by a fuse and thrown by hand or shot from a rifle or launcher.
combatknex6 years ago
is that you in the pic?
AirsoftMaster1213 (author)  combatknex6 years ago
no its just some dude airsofting...
oh ok then
Knex Guru6 years ago
Oh wow ... I've always carried my ammo around in stuff like this (using a hi-cap magazine i never need it). I just tested this out. It actually works ... not very effective for surrender out only, but for hit out this is pretty darn good.
that was easy
AirsoftMaster1213 (author) 7 years ago
Actually if you do test it they will ly out. I don't know how but they do. I tested this once in my garage and with just one, the garage was filled with bouncing bbs everywhere.