Picture of Cheap and Easy Aquarium Filter

Buying fish filters becomes a bit pricey over time so why not make your own

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Step 1: What you'll need

Picture of What you'll need

ok we'll need a used aqua-tech: ez-change filter
a pair of scissors
hot glue and hot glue gun
activated carbon you can get it at walmart or any pet store
web vent filters you can get at most hardware stores

Step 2: Now we Wash

Picture of Now we Wash
wash the filter
and over a trash can pull the blue part of the filter off and emtey the activated carbon
pick off as much as you can so it looks like the fourth pic

Step 3: Triming the new filter

Picture of Triming the new filter
now take one of the vent filters and trim it so it fits where the old blue filter was

Step 4: Now we glue

Picture of Now we glue
glue one side at a time then press to make sure it sticks well
leaving the long side unglued

Step 5: We fill

Picture of We fill
ok now we fill squeese the filter to make a little opening and pore the activated carbon in

Step 6: About done

Picture of About done
now glue the last side  and give it a little shake to even it out
and trim the top and bottem

Step 7: Done

Picture of done

just put it in.   this is my first instructable constructive criticism welcome

thanx to hyrum32KT -  cheap homemade aquarium filter seeing his got me thanking

fegundez13 years ago
I have been doing this kind of filter reworking for quite a while and it is truly a good idea. Remember that what you really need is to make enough room for bio filtration not too much carbon inside! One sign that you are overfeeding is a filter that gets clogged very quickly. Good Instructable well done and useful too.
groovy4 years ago
great way to save money on those overpriced ones from the pet shops ..I,ll been doing this tonight...
Treefork4 years ago
Is there a specific hot glue stick needed (or more specifically to be avoided)? Is it safe for the fish?
How well does it filter compared to the store bought one?
greenleaf35 (author)  spacepirate045 years ago
it filters the same as the store bought one only cost less
Scott_Tx5 years ago
I just tore off my old one and stuffed floss behind it. Its more of a medium for bacteria/whatever to grow on than an actual filter.