Introduction: Cheap and Easy Bit Holders

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Hey guys,

i want to show you how you can make an easy and fast bit holder for your wall or wherever you want it.

All you need is an aluminium square tube und some tools.

Step 1: Get Your Materials

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The main material is a 15x15mm aluminium square tube, available at every hardware store for a few bucks.

Additional you will need:

  • some tape
  • strong double-sided tape
  • a drill (7,5 mm)
  • (automatic) center punch
  • a ruler
  • a deburrer
  • a file
  • a jigsaw
  • a pencil

Now let's start!

Step 2: Preparation

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Step 3: Drill the Holes

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Step 4: Postprocessing

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Step 5: Mount It

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