Cheap and Easy Clock Hack for Heavy Sleepers





Introduction: Cheap and Easy Clock Hack for Heavy Sleepers

This is my first Instructable so I hope everyone enjoys. 
In the mornings I tend to have trouble getting out of bed.  I have tried setting multiple clocks, putting the clocks acroos the room, and still I find a way to turn them off and get back into bed.  I figured that making it more difficult to turn the alarm off on my clock would help me wake up.  
I have been looking around instructables to find an idea to help but most of them look to be higher than my skill when it comes to working with electronics, so I came up with the Clock Cage.

Step 1: Getting the Materials

Now for me this build only cost $2.00 because most of the items I had laying around.  I am sure most people have some of theses materials somewhere around your home or you can recycle something that's broken.


A Clock (not in picture) - for the cage I perfer a battery clock.  they cost about $3 to $5
A somewhat see-through container - found a CD case on clearence at wal-mart for $1
A piece of scrape wood bigger than the container - if you had to buy some I wouldn't think more
                                                                                            than $5
A piece of 3 feet or so of 1"x1" wood to attach the container to and hinge the base - again $2 or $3
A padlock or combination lock - $3 or $4
Some small screws - I think a pack is about $1.50
Some wire and a picture hanger - you can get a pack at Wal-Mart for about $4
A pack of small hingers (not in picture) - They cost $0.97

Note:  I will say some of these materials can be substutited, for instance instead of wire you can use a zip tie, instead of screws you can use nails (but it has to be the ones with heads, there are some nails that dont).

The tools needed:

A pair of pliers
A screwdriver
A drill with a bit alittle smaller the the screws
A tablesaw, jigsaw, or powersaw -- anything to cut the wood to shape, just use caution with any
                                                                 power tools you use.

Step 2: Making the Hinge

First what you want to do is cut the 1x1 and construct a rectangle a little smaller than the top of the CD case. (This will give room to attach the CD case to the frame)  Loop the wire around one of the handles on the CD case, slip on a crimp tube, and crimp it shut.  You are making a ring for the padlock.  Again, you can substitute other items instead of wire, ie. zip tie, chain, etc.  Now flip the CD case upside down and secure it to the frame with screws. 

Step 3: Making the Base

Now cut the wood board you're using for the base about 1 inch wider than the frame with the CD case. That extra inch will give you places to attachs the hinges.  Finally, attach the hinges and the wall hanger - be sure you have the wall hanger on the same side as the wire loop!

Step 4: The Cage Is Finished

The last thing to do is set your clock put it on the base, close the lid, lock it shut, and put the key and cage away from each other.  That way you will be forced to get out of bed to find the key and walk to unlock the cage to turn your clock off.

Thank you for checking out my first instructable
I hope other people find this hack helpful.
I would love to hear what everyone thinks of The Clock Cage

Step 5: Update: Making a Window

Thanks to everyones comments.  I decided to modify  the cage and add a window so it is easier to see the clock.  This was a very easy change, I used a Dremal to cut out a part of the container and cut down a piece scrap plexiglass.  After that I drilled through the container and plexiglass and I just pop riveted them into place.



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    have anything for me as I've tried the same things but for me i need them louder. I sometimes barley hear them when I get up or even sleep right threw them. I've visited my sisters house in California one time and literally slept threw an earth quake. Right now I use my pc with my speakers full blast but I don't want to keep doing that.

    What about the old-fashioned alarm clock with the 2 bells & a little hammer on top? Those are pretty loud & annoying. Have you tried one of those yet?

    excellent ! though i am not a heavy sleeper but wana try it

    I see the makings of a funny joke to play on my sister. Just build this, and place the alarm clock (set to go off at 6AM) inside, place it in her room, and wait. (evil laugh)

    Cool idea but i sleep through my alarm =D

    I know a guy who can sleep through alarms. We'd be in the same house, up at a normal time, then maybe 11:00-12:00 beep-beep-beep woof woof woof woof (2 dogs) -beep-beep woof woof -beep-beep woof woof until the dogs got tired then -beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep for the rest of the hour.


     Ha! That is what is it like to live with me! 

    Or at least it used to be, until i figured to use the alarm on my phone at the loudest setting and place it on my pillow right next to my ear.

    It is possible to shut noise out, but 1 hour of irritating-beeping and 2 dogs, I don't get... super-hungover or super-something else?


    I am one of these afformentioned heavy sleepers.  I have slept through 2 earthquakes, a volcano eruption, and a car crash.  Some of us just sleep heavier than a black hole, regardless of hangover lol.

    This ible is brilliant btw.  I've tried all the above suggestions as well (setting multiple alarms, setting them far away, etc) but I never would've thought to make the alarm clock harder to get to.  Genius.  This will save me from another day being late to work!

    OMG where do yo live!?!?!!? here in wisconsin, we only get blizards and tornadoes.

    i wanna move to where you live