Step 2: Assemble the Headlamp

Step 1: Lay out the handkerchief like a diamond and place the LED in the middle as shown in the first picture.

Step 2:  Fold the top half of the handkerchief down and over the LED, then grip the covered LED.

Step 3:  Clip the binder clip right on top of the covered LED.

Step 4:  Remove the ends from the binder clip by squeezing them inward and taking them out of the grooves.

Nice!  Now we're ready to fold!
<p>I like it! I am putting together a survival/thrival kit on a belt, it already has a bandana in it so I will add a squeeze light and clip and have a headlight too!</p><p>Thanks.</p>
Ha! Very creative! I think MacGyver would be thrilled :)
Thanks, that is the ultimate compliment.

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