Cheap and Easy Longboarding Slide Gloves (with wrist guard)

Hello, this instructable will show you how to make cheap and easy long boarding/skateboarding slide gloves; with the option of wrist guards. I tried to make them as quick as possible which you can see in the pictures, but it's really simple and you can take the project to any level of detail/craftsmanship quality you want.

-Construction/Garden gloves
-Aluminium tape
-Cutting board
-Epoxy or some sort of strong adhesive
(I used Loctite spray adhesive, although I think epoxy would be better)
-Wrist guards (optional)

-Bandsaw/Skill saw

***Always wear safety equipment when making and using these, and I am not responsible for any injuries that may be caused***

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Step 2: Tape

I'm not sure how expensive aluminium tape is, but I had it laying around the house. I had the idea to use it, not only to patch holes in my previous gloves, but for a different material for the glue to mount to, and it really makes a difference. I originally glued my cutting board pieces straight to the cloth on the glove and it did not hold well at all. The glue bonds a lot better with the aluminium and plastic.

***Be sure to have the glove on your hand when taping, or else you won't be able to get your fingers in***
When you do get the tape on, and while your hand is still in the glove, you can squeeze your fingers with the other hand and it will bend/form the aluminium around your fingers for a better fit. 
its roughlt 5 - 6 dollars a roll at any automotive parts store.