Step 3: Final products

Picture of Final products
I have made a few of this guys and I'm very please with the results, although I always prefer a Moleskine one, but this a cool way to recycle and keep on sketching and writing on the cheap.
Cactuscat3 years ago
Used your instructable to make my own sketchbook. Can't tell you how awesome it is to be able to make something so useful! Thanks for this great 'ible! :D
p4olom3 years ago
I wish I was as creative as you! Thanks for sharing your great work
imagic5 years ago
This looks great, definitely gonna try it out. One question though, does the cardboard bend or is it stiff? I ask because I prefer hardback notebooks to the floppy kind that bends and leaves the cover with a permanent curve if you leave them open for too long. Thanks for the 'ible
arte.sano (author)  imagic5 years ago
The Cardboard is like the one from the cereal boxes, so it does bends, but you can use hard ones. thanks for your comment.
DeathZap5 years ago
i can only say two words about this: Great, great!!!
nomeoslo5 years ago
Descriptive instructions - easy to understand.  I also like the way you incorporated your kitty - cute.   I plan on trying this out very soon - thanks for posting. 
I will be using your instructions for making my wedding sign in book! So glad I found this. Thanks!
Im bear6 years ago
Thanks, this is going to help me sooo much (: Great job :D
Sarjex6 years ago
That's very slick. I'm going to try to make a few of these! Thanks for the documentation. Also, cute cat.
Awesome!! I am gonna try it :)