Introduction: Cheap and Easy PacMan Digital Clock!

Picture of Cheap and Easy PacMan Digital Clock!

This is made completely out of items that you can find laying around at your house!

Step 1: Parts...

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You will need:

- scissors
- hot glue and glue gun
- a used digital watch
- an oatmeal plastic cap
- some construction paper
- X-acto knife 

Step 2: Getting Ready...

Picture of Getting Ready...

Mark were you are going to cut out pac man.

Step 3: Cut!

Picture of Cut!

Now cut out pac man!
Make sure you cut out a slot for the screen.

Step 4: The Skin...

Picture of The Skin...

This is easy, simply trace the pac man and cut him out again. But this time with construction paper.

Step 5: Glue in the Brains!

Picture of Glue in the Brains!

Now you just glu the watch onto the pac man.

Step 6: Glue on the Skin...

Picture of Glue on the Skin...

Make sure you align the skin right :)

Step 7: The Stand...

Picture of The Stand...

I just used left over scraps for the stand.

Step 8: Your Finished!!!!

Picture of Your Finished!!!!

Now you can just ask PacMan what time it is!


astroboy907 (author)2011-03-21

Nice, I might make one myself- but instead of having the digital watch, have like the outline or a clock behind it and the time is shown where the mouth is- (maybe make the mouth smaller for mine). Might work :)

MetaRidley2 (author)astroboy9072011-03-21

Good idea! :D

astroboy907 (author)MetaRidley22011-03-29

ooh- and have the numbers in the ghosts :) :)
*lightbulb over head*

ChrysN (author)2011-03-21


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