Cheap and Easy Shoe Holder





Introduction: Cheap and Easy Shoe Holder

In your house, you might not have much space to put a rack for your shoes, or you just want to organize your shoes a bit better. In this instructable, I'm going to show you how to make this extremely simple and cheap shoe holder. It saves lots of space and doesn't take much effort, plus it looks cool.

Step 1: Materials

This project requires very little materials. Best of all, you can probably find all the items around your house!


  • Glue (any glue that dries quickly and is strong, I'm using a hot glue gun - don't use liquid glue or glue sticks)
  • Tennis Ball
  • Tape (painters tape (or blue tape) works best here if your putting this on a wall since you can easily peel it off)

Have all the materials? Then lets get started!

Step 2: Gluing the Tennis Ball

You're almost done (funny right, we just started)! Since this tennis ball will have to hold the weight of a shoe, I recommend using lots of glue. Just apply a large blob of your glue on the tennis ball, and directly stick it on the wall, making sure to apply a bit of pressure.

Step 3: Support

If you don't want to hold the tennis ball in place for a few minutes or if you're using Sugru, this step is for you. Using the tape, take 2 large strips of tape and make a plus - sign, holding the ball in place while the adhesive dries.

Step 4: Holding the Shoe in Place

To use this shoe holder, place the hole in which you put you foot in right over the ball. Make your shoe is completely on the holder, or your shoe will fall the second you move your hand away. You can glue this shoe holder on any wall, but putting it on the inside of a door makes for easy access.

That's it! Tanks for reading this intractable and don't forget to favorite, comment, and follow!



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    Great Instructable. I'm definitely going to make one!

    1 reply

    Thanks, I really appreciate that! Post pictures on how it turned out!

    Neat idea. I used to know someone who played tennis daily and only used the tennis balls for one game so his wife was always trying to give them away! They had hundreds of nearly new ones for free! Ask around before buying them.

    3 replies

    Thanks! Imagine how many shoe holders they could make, lol.

    Dude(tte)! Step 1) Cut a small top/front off of the ball, insert pleasantly smelly stuff inside dog toy, and have non-smelly shoes on the daily. Step 2) Profit.

    Nice idea! I never thought of that, ill give it a try.