Cheap and Easy Silt Fencing Raised Garden Beds

Picture of Cheap and Easy Silt Fencing Raised Garden Beds
Last year I decided to put a Raised Bed Garden in my back yard, and got most of it built, but was snuck up on by a chronic illness which basically has sapped me of my stamina and endurance, but not my determination. I wanted to find a non-strenuous, less demanding method of finishing my garden beds which also wouldn't put the squeeze on my wallet. I started to do a search on the internet, and I found what i was looking for  in an online article by Lucas Crouch at "Backwoods Home Magazine".  Hope what I found and put together will be helpful to some at least....
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Step 1: Supplies & Tools needed...

Picture of Supplies & Tools needed...
Garden 2013 _18.JPG
1 roll of 3' x 50" Construction/Erosion grade Propylene Silt Fencing (about $20 a roll at your local Big Box Hardware Store)
1 Twenty-Five pack of 24" long Wooden Landscaping Stakes (About $8 per pack at the same store)
Your choice of Soil and Soil Amendments from your supplier (Topsoil,Humus, Compost, Sand, Sawdust, etc etc...)
Old cardboard or Newspaper
a plot of land to build your bed(s) on and to grow from.

1 heavy hammer or mallet
1 regular hammer
staples and staple gun
razor knife or sharp kitchen knife
Tined Fork Rake, Pitch fork, or Garden Hoe

Step 2:

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Garden 2013 _17a.JPG
Take the 3' roll of Silt fencing and cut it into 2 18" length rolls.
take the 24" stakes, mark out the basic 4 corner outline of the raised bed perimeter and sink them 12" deep using the heavy hammer..
redwolf0076662 months ago
wish you all the health dear!!!
rds1955 (author)  redwolf0076662 months ago

Thank you! No Photo's, sorry...

redwolf0076662 months ago
any photos for the flourishing garden?
redwolf0076662 months ago
how did your plants do? what did you plant? is there any updates?thanks
rds1955 (author)  redwolf0076662 months ago

The 1t year everything did very well...after the 1st year though, I haven't done a garden due to chronic health issues and working at getting back my health...

itsmatt1 year ago

How did this hold up? I'm using it this year for potatoes.

rds1955 (author)  itsmatt1 year ago

did very will.