Last year I decided to put a Raised Bed Garden in my back yard, and got most of it built, but was snuck up on by a chronic illness which basically has sapped me of my stamina and endurance, but not my determination. I wanted to find a non-strenuous, less demanding method of finishing my garden beds which also wouldn't put the squeeze on my wallet. I started to do a search on the internet, and I found what i was looking for  in an online article by Lucas Crouch at "Backwoods Home Magazine".  Hope what I found and put together will be helpful to some at least....

Step 1: Supplies & Tools needed...

1 roll of 3' x 50" Construction/Erosion grade Propylene Silt Fencing (about $20 a roll at your local Big Box Hardware Store)
1 Twenty-Five pack of 24" long Wooden Landscaping Stakes (About $8 per pack at the same store)
Your choice of Soil and Soil Amendments from your supplier (Topsoil,Humus, Compost, Sand, Sawdust, etc etc...)
Old cardboard or Newspaper
a plot of land to build your bed(s) on and to grow from.

1 heavy hammer or mallet
1 regular hammer
staples and staple gun
razor knife or sharp kitchen knife
Tined Fork Rake, Pitch fork, or Garden Hoe
wish you all the health dear!!!
<p>Thank you! No Photo's, sorry...</p>
any photos for the flourishing garden?
how did your plants do? what did you plant? is there any updates?thanks
<p>The 1t year everything did very well...after the 1st year though, I haven't done a garden due to chronic health issues and working at getting back my health...</p>
<p>How did this hold up? I'm using it this year for potatoes.</p>
<p>did very will.</p>

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