Make a super cheap / Free Screwdriver holder! I was getting tired of having to root through a bin in order to find a screwdriver, so i made this free to me holder! In this instructable I will walk you through the process to make your own! Let's get started!

Step 1: Get Your Materials!

The only materials you really need for this instructable is a Pool noodle, and a way to mount it. However to get my finished results you'll need the following.

1. Pool Noodle
2. Flat Black (Krylon) Paint
3. Pins
4. Tape measure
5. Drill
6. Zap Straps
7. Knife
8. Screwdriver (Not in Picture)
How do I modify this in order to see what tip of screwdriver I am pulling out ?
you could just mark it with paint or tape his screwdrivers have the tip written on the end of the handle
What is a &quot;zap strap&quot;?<br /> <br /> Is it a &quot;zip tie&quot;&nbsp; ?
You just gave me another idea....wow...
Gosh, just yesterday, I found a purple pool noodle down in the basement...and wondered what I could do with it. This is awesome!&nbsp; I can see using this for jeweler's tools, and other besides screw drivers.&nbsp; Awesome idea!
I'm sorry to say, but this is incomprehensible! Please add an introduction, so I can understand what's going on (just this morning I was sorting incomplete screwdriver sets...).<br />
He poked holes in a pool noodle so that he could stick his screwdrivers in them. <br />
Thanks, I had no idea what a pool noodle is!<br />

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