Cheap and Quick Portable IPhone / PMP Stand





Introduction: Cheap and Quick Portable IPhone / PMP Stand

I travel quite a bit and have always been searching for stands for whatever PMP (personal media player) / iPod / PSP / iPhone or whatever gadget I'm currently using to watch movies while flying. the catch is the stands have to be small and easy to transport and still work well.

I tried the business card one, some origami ones and some other mediums (I had cut one from plastic) but they all were either too involved to recreate midair or not sturdy enough to hold the thing at the right angle.

I happened to have a hotel room key in my shirt pocket and mangled it into something that I now find myself dependent upon for my iphone holding needs. I like the fact that I can reuse something for another purpose and hey, they're free! It works well in coach as well as first class and haven't hit any turbulence rough enough to unsettle it. :D

Quick little update:  Lots of emails and feedback on this little concept!  I've added some bends to accomodate my new blacberry, I mainly use that as a stand at work . I see others have added bends as well as well as even making a nice dock!  awesome. 

Honestly, I know it's really simplistic, but sometimes those are the best ideas.  I have used these on every one of my flights for my iphone while watching movies and I tell you it's the best traveling stand, because it's handy, easily replaceable and basically free!   

Step 1:

First off make sure you have a hotel room key. I usually have mine from my recent stay still with me, but once you make one of these you can keep it with you are reuse it over and over again. any plastic card wil work too, those fake credit card junk mail things you get would work great too.

Step 2:

next you will fold the card into this shape. I start with the card and fold it about half an inch off center. this will leave a little of the card for you to fold the other way to make the part that the iPhone will rest on. the thickness of your phone / pmp will be good guide to show you how much of a tab you need to have.

Step 3:

with some tweaking you can make the angle perfect for your viewing pleasure. I can crank one of these out in about 2 seconds and some people sitting next to me have commented that it's a really good idea, I've even given one to someone who asked if I had another hotel room key to make him one.

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Sir, you have effectively killed the IPhone/Ipod Touch stand market . How do you feel ? :D

just made one. perfect! simple yet elegant.

After having tried a few different stands made out of business cards, thick card stock, and cardboard - this one is the winner! Very worthwhile instructable. Currently using it for my LG Nexus 4. Have one at work and one a home.

Hi Again!! I already commented a couple years ago about how WOW this was but now, my plan expired and I got a new phone with the charger on the bottom. My old Samsung Epic had the charger at the top which made this the most EXCELLENT ELEGANT solution I'd ever seen. Got any ideas - other than laying the phone on it's side - to allow for portrait charging with a charger at the bottom? Once again, you should win the prize for cheapest, easiest, most tool-free, simple, elegant phone stand in the history of phone stands! You rock!!!!

this is the best iphone stand i have ever seen!!!!!!!! awesome!!!!!

This was a great idea. I needed a stand for my samsung mezmerize so I came to good old Instructables, and yours was the easiest to make, the most versatile, and it works great. Thanks for this!

This is a wonderful little project. I have HUNDREDS of room keys and this is a great project!

WOWIE WOW WOW WOW! Just in time to keep me from going bald yanking out my hair trying to make something SIM-PLE!!!!!!!! And for those that break their cards, just pass them over a candle, warm them up a bit, and you can bend them back on top of themselves if need be. And it really helps for thicker units.

Hey Tobes: just super glue two of them together...that's what I had to do for my Epic 4G Android cell phone. Too tall was exactly the problem but superglue (and some strapping tape for insurance) did the trick...- 'course, it's not as simple as yours, but just a help for those bigger, thickerer units.

They ought to have a contest for the BEST, SIMPLEST INSTRUCTABLE. On second thought, already won it!

THANK YOU Nylanan!!!

Awesome...took me a minute sitting at my desk to fold up a card...

took a minute? he did his in "2 seconds". come on and try to keep up. LOL JK