Cheap and easy bed holster

I was looking for a bed holster for my home defense pistol and found them to be ridiculously expensive ($30) considering most of them consist of a bent piece of metal.

Instead of buying one I went down to the basement shop and whipped this up in about 10 minutes using a 4"x18" piece of 1/4" plywood, a saw, a 1" drill, a 1/2" wood chisel and some 100 grit sandpaper.

It's pretty self-explanatory but feel free to ask questions.

The wood is relatively soft so won't mar the gun's finish unless you take the gun in and out a lot, but if you're concerned you could slit a short length of aquarium hose or similar and line the inside of the hole.

I'll probably paint it brown soon to match the sheets.

Obviously if you have children or a likelihood of unauthorized people having access to your bedroom, you'll want to store the gun someplace secure when you're not actually in bed.

Hope this does someone some good. Save the $30 for a couple boxes of ammo and practice!

I find it fascinating that there have been a number of anti-gun people make posts here to ridicule me for making and posting this, but every one of them has deleted their sarcastic, self-righteous and mean-spirited posts after I've responded in a logical and non-hostile manner. That's why you'll see some apparent non-sequitur posts from me - they're responses to people who would not or could not entertain a civil conversation on the topic and subsequently deleted their posts. I leave mine here as a testament to the quality of the opposition.

The FBI Stats:
2,600,000 home invasions in 2011 - one every 12 seconds
3.5 million burglaries per year reported
Each year 13% of homes are burglarized
19.2% of rental properties are burglarized per year
85% of all break-ins are through the door
67% of all burglaries involved forcible entry
38% of all assaults occur during a home invasion
60% of all rapes occur during a home invasion
70% of burglaries involve residential properties
FBI stats show only 12% - 13% of burglars are ever apprehended.

From the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics Titled "Percent distribution of incidents where police came to the victim, by police response time and type of crime":

Crimes of Violence:
Within 5 minutes 31.0%
Within 6 - 10 minutes 24.5%
Within 11 minutes - 1 hour 32.4%
Within 1 day - 6.5%
Longer than 1 day - 1.9%
Time of response not known - 3.6%
Not ascertained - 0.2%

According to the American Police Beat website the **average** of seven same-sized city police departments response to a High-Priority 911 call is 11 minutes, 11 seconds.

But owning a firearm for protection is "vigilantism" and "paranoid" and "dangerous".
gilgoul1 month ago

thank you for this "how didn't I think of that" amazing instructable. I have been struggling with several complicated and ultimately poorly perfoming gizmos, and now I have your great Idea to get inspiration from.

I guess I just need to add to it a spot for my led light and I am set :)

Thanks again from Israel.

I may try this out. easier to get to them my nightstand. My lady shoots as well and we do not have kids in the home. Sorry about all the lame comments people are leaving....why are they trying to learn to make a bed holster if they hate guns so much...?....trolls.
DconBlueZ (author)  Danzigs MISFITS3 months ago

I don't let it bother me, every time some fool trolls they just serve to point out the quality of the opposition. That's why I quote the better ones, because they usually delete themselves. The latest one from Denmark wasn't worth even that much effort, though.

mrasmussen83 months ago
DconBlueZ (author)  mrasmussen83 months ago

Wow, how witty!

rachel7 months ago
Dang, I thought this was gonna be a holster for a bed, some kind of Murphy holster. Alas it was not to be!
DconBlueZ (author)  rachel7 months ago
I like it - but taking the bed out would be a pain.
vpajak1 year ago
Nothing to judge here or whatever, I just don't know much about guns, being European and all; these are mere questions out of interest and in no way judgemental whether it's right or not to own firearms.

Can't you accidently set it off while your sleeping? Not necessarily hurting anyone but still shooting in the floorboard isn't exactly a nice thing. Or when quickly reacting from getting up shooting one of your loved ones by accident?
DconBlueZ (author)  vpajak1 year ago
I understand, and I very much appreciate your asking questions rather than drawing conclusions based on incorrect information.

Short answer - there's not a chance in the world for either of your concerns happening.

To fire the gun I would have to move the safety lever to the OFF position, pull the hammer back, then pull the trigger - IN THAT SEQUENCE. Obviously not possible to happen by accident.

As for your second concern - anything that causes me to pick up the gun will, by definition, mean that I am very much awake and alert. No chance of shooting something or someone by accident.

While there ARE accidents with guns, I believe they a result of the irrational fear and ignorance of guns rather than a problem of the guns themselves.

For example - I know in Europe that driver training is much more thorough than in the USA. A driver is in control of a very dangerous machine. What if anyone could drive with no training at all? It's the same with guns.

A gun is just a machine with the capability of doing great good or great harm, depending on it's use and the skill or lack of skill of it's operator.

I have owned and shot many guns since I was 14 years old. I have been educated on safe handling and shooting under stress. In my opinion, my guns are MUCH less a threat to the public than the average car.

Again, thanks for your reasoned response! Mostly what I get is the irrational fear of the ignorant who get all their information from movies and politically biased "news" liars.
Rambo556 DconBlueZ10 months ago
I agree 100% ! Great 'ible. You could even adapt this to hold a rifle or shotgun.
Magee32411 months ago
Where's the flashlight holder?! Since this is for sleeping that would be cool to incorporate a flashlight holder since going for a lamp or something might take to long and require the fine motor skills you'll lose when you hear that sound in your house. Great post though. I'm going to make a couple of these!
aarcuda1 year ago
Nice and simple. I like and will use this. Too bad clowns are jacking your thread up.
DconBlueZ (author)  aarcuda1 year ago
Oh, once you get in the spirit of things it's kinda fun to...shoot them down, so to speak. They have no factual basis for their arguments, only "feelings" and impotent rage - which they seem to project onto gun owners at large, for some reason.
I wish this sight would incorporate upvotes and downvotes for comments. You sir, would get an upvote regarding the clowns.
100 times more kids die in home pools than kids die from gunshot wounds in homes of firearm owners.

Neat post, but I'm totally bolting this quick access handgun safe behind my headboard or building it into my headboard...
DconBlueZ (author)  digitallyinsane1 year ago
I like that a lot. Might save up my lunch money and buy one. Thanks for the link!
RAIKEKL1 year ago
This is an ingenious idea...and I will make more than one!
Great! I've trying to figure out something similar for a shotgun. I'm not sure whether to mount the holder off the frame or use some sort of small trolley beneath the bed.
DconBlueZ (author)  Covert Koala1 year ago
Sorry for the delay in reply - that's an interesting idea that surely must have a relatively easy solution - let me work on it. I'll get back to you.
Set it up as 'hooks' as opposed to a 'hole'
DconBlueZ (author)  electridanger1 year ago
Good idea.
shaman51881 year ago
Really? Get a life
DconBlueZ (author)  shaman51881 year ago
shaman5188 says: Jan 4, 2013. 12:50 AMReply
Really? Get a life

Got one, thanks. Planning to keep it, which is kinda the point of this instructable.
just one simple question, in Georgia you sleep with the pistol on the bed? Is it so bad the situation?
DconBlueZ (author)  litma1 year ago
Oh, absolutely. I also have my house surrounded with an 8 foot electric fence topped with razor wire. Here's a picture:

DconBlueZ (author)  DconBlueZ1 year ago
Oh, and thanks for proving my point.
rickyd10131 year ago
every night I wrap my belt to a brass knuckle
DconBlueZ (author)  rickyd10131 year ago
This is an obvious witty of you.
rogermyers1 year ago
Is this kind of thing necessary? Where do you guys live?
DconBlueZ (author)  rogermyers1 year ago
Do you have insurance policies? Why?
shootr1 year ago
Simple, elegant - CHEAP! Excellent!
meddler1 year ago
I like that idea. Simple and effective.
abadfart1 year ago
i keep a bowie knife in the bedside table and a crossbow on the back of the door
triumphman1 year ago
Made one of these years ago, now I have adapted it for a nice and sharp Karembit Knife! Zomies, come and get it!
Good Stuff. Go home defense!
the old standby of putting it under the pillow didn't work?
DconBlueZ (author)  bigtreehouse1 year ago
Well, it did, but I ran out of duct tape to cover the bullet holes in the wall from my active dream life.
Great Idea Sir!
Schmidty161 year ago
zombies killers unite!!!!!!!!!
nocode541 year ago
Nice idea. Do you think it's possible for the gun to slip down too deeply into the holster slot and become stuck?

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