Picture of Cheap and easy iPhone microscope
Turn your iPhone into a portable microscope. Should also work for any other smartphone. All I'm doing here is placing a small lens right in front of the iPhone camera. Keep it place with some foam tape and start looking at everything! Really big!

I read about this technique here where it was used to look at stool samples on slides (fun!), but I mostly used it to look at color slides and other flat things. Below is a video of moving a slide photo of a building in front of the lens.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Stuff to get
  • 3.0 mm ball lens
  • double-sided foam tape (mine is removable)
  • thin scrap pieces of plastic
Stuff to use
  • cheap retractable pen you don't mind breaking
  • scissors
Kiteman2 years ago
That looks rather familiar...