Picture of Recycled lamp shade
While playing around, my children have broken the lampshade of a standing lamp. I have been looking for different types of lampshade instructables to replace it, but none was cheap and easy enough for me. After thinking a little more, I made a lampshade from a recycled flower pot. So if you have very dynamic children and not very fancy lamps, this instructable can help you.
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Step 1: Find the material

The lampshade is made of a plastic flower pot. I chose a black medium pot from the pile at the end of the back yard. Any size and color is OK. Just make sure this is a very thin kind of plastic.
Apart from the pot, you have to find a metal tube which will act as a hole puncher. I found an old curtain rod in the attic. You will need work gloves to hold it when it's hot.
Finally, you will need any type of color/sticker/paint to customize your lampshade. I used an old spray can of red paint.

Step 2: Wash and dry the flower pot

Picture of Wash and dry the flower pot

Step 3: Warming the hole puncher

Picture of Warming the hole puncher
The plastic is very thin and I just had to warm up the curtain rod.
I protected the cooker in case the plastic might leak, but it was not even necessary. I also kept the very dynamic children away from the kitchen for a while.

Step 4: Punching the holes

Picture of Punching the holes
It only takes seconds for the tube to warm up. You don't want it to be super hot. Just push the tube through the plastic with one hand, while holding the pot with the other. It comes easily.

Step 5: Customizing

Picture of Customizing
Now you can chose any decoration for your lamp shade. It will be important when it is the day. At night, you won't see the outside of the lamp shade.
I put two layers of paint.

Step 6: Attach the lamp shade to the lamp

Picture of Attach the lamp shade to the lamp
Those lamps have a screw nut at the top. You just have to unscrew it, place the lamp shade and screw back. You're done!
thersmore6 months ago

Thank you, just what I needed! Replaced one of the glass lamp shades in an IKEA torchiere with a simple plastic plant pot. No more fruitless running around looking for lamp kits and lamp parts.

thersmore6 months ago
sara rarara3 years ago
very nice