Cheap and ecologically sound dish washing liquid

Step 1: Instructions

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Making it is dead easy.

1. Fill the empty diswashing liquid bottle with:
> 1/3 dishwashing liquid (your favourite);
> 1/3 vinegar;
> 1/3 water.

2. Close and shake (don't stir). It's ready to use!

Comments and tips in the next step ...

Step 2: Comments and tips

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Great for soaking out baked-on stuff - the vinegar really does the trick.
Very good for areas with hard water - the vinegar dissolves any scale.
You can add less vinegar if the water in your area is soft.

I usually have three identical empty bottles on hand to make some stock.

You'll spend less and wash less dishwashing liquid down the drain for Mother Nature to deal with.


scoochmaroo3 years ago
Great idea! Well documented.
kobber (author)  scoochmaroo3 years ago
Thanks. My degree in advanced rocket science enables me to make complicated chemical compounds such as this one. But for me, it's just for the taste of it.
Take it easy!