Step 6: Finishing the project

Picture of Finishing the project
Almost done!!!

- Open the plastic can and fill it with your fish favourite food (then close it).

- Take the clock and the plastic can and let the magnets do their work...

Now the clock will drop a bit of food each 12 hours (when the window is at 6 o'clock).

Enjoy it!!!!

vwalpola4 years ago
Nice work! i was looking for a autofeeder. Now i can make this gadget. Thanks for the idea.
iewaxu4 years ago
great job .....
fishmaniac4 years ago
geddemnit!! you are so genius..thanks a lot for the instruction
flashj5 years ago
This looks great, I'll be watching for a cheap clock to try this!
Question: Is there a problem with the fish food missing the box and openning or does the constant rotation ensure food always gets thru the hole and into the tank?
anoyzz5 years ago
wow....nice job bro...
First of all great Instructable. This is very similar to one I bought at my local fish store. The only issue is that if you have a tropical tank there will be some humidity. This means the food could get damp in the feeder and spoil. Again great idea.
HAZMAT23646 years ago
Any way to make the period of time that it feeds any longer??
tee19646 years ago
I have an auto feeder that I bought at a pet store. This idea is great as it allows the fish to get fed at the same time each day and they never miss a meal and allows you to leave on holiday for a week or two. My feeder allows me to leave for a month without worrying. Anyone have any ideas how I can keep my water level in the tank constant? If so let me know and I'll be all set for another vacation! BTW, The feeder is placed on top of the tanks allowing the plastic can to rotate freely. Thanks for sharing your idea!
LemonLily6 years ago
Where do you put this?
Just looking at the pictures on this page, I'd say that it was meant to overhang the edge of the fish tank. But, that's just a guess.