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I wanted to be able to put my families bikes into my truck bed without having them slosh around all over the place. All the bike racks I found were quite expensive. For example this this one is $300 with shipping. Too steep for my blood thank you. I could have put the bikes on the roof but I have plans to put a roof basket on the truck with lights so that wasn't going to happen. Besides, if I wanted them on the roof I'd have to invest $800+ on it. Heck, one bike tray is $200. I'm not the Prince of Monaco. Time to get cheap.

I know lot's of people make truck bed bike racks out of PVC. Here is a great one by Louislam. I respect the idea but I just can't bring myself to putting a PVC rack in my truck. It needs to be metal. I'm old fashioned that way, now get off my lawn.

Step 1: Amazon is my BFF

Picture of Amazon is my BFF

After scouring the internet for various options, I found these little gems on Amazon. They are floor sitting bike racks. The beauty of them is you can clamp additional ones together making a bike rack as long as you need.

At $29 each or 4 for $85 I have found my solution. Now, time to order them and see if they can be mounted to my truck bed somehow.


This is where I start customizing and stop sounding like a tv commercial for cheap asian bike racks.

primosanch1 year ago
Cool project. Thanks for sharing. Liked the humor you put in the instructions.

great idea

kbc21 year ago
hilarious and great idea! been there with long bolts in the bed, dented the gas tank....oooops.
ColumbusCOOK (author)  kbc21 year ago
Hah. Good to hear. :)
gardenpunk1 year ago

moar? what is moar

ColumbusCOOK (author)  gardenpunk1 year ago

Internet slang meaning more in an enthusiastic manner.