Cheap But Loud Firecracker





Introduction: Cheap But Loud Firecracker

Well this is my first instructable so please don't be to harsh on me.

This has to do with fire and fire = burn so be careful.

I am not responsible for any harm these things do.

Step 1: Materials

1) Aluminum foil
2) Scissors
3) A book of matches

Step 2: Putting It All Together

Cut a 3" by 3' square piece of aluminum foil and leave it aside for now.

Then take your scissors and cut the heads off all the matches.

Place all the matches on the aluminum foil and wrap it tightly keeping all the match heads in a tight pouch.

Step 3: Fireing It.

Bring it outside and place it on concrete.

Then take a large rock. a metal weight, or a sledge hammer. and strike it very hard.



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    hey try picking out the powder out of caps takes a while get alot rap it in paper light it and run

    just get gun powder thats whats in caps and sparklers

    Actually, caps use something called "Armstrong's Mixture", but it used to be black powder if i'm not mistaking
    Sparklers i'm not so sure of

    Completely wrong

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    if you don't want to get up close and personal, you could try to shoot it with a bb gun

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    to make them go off easier,try using "strike anywhere" matches: 3-5 of these make BIG boom!

    get enough of them to fill a tennis ball and throw it at the ground. baboom!!!!

    doubtful. you would need to be about as strong as the Hulk to throw it hard enough.

    no.... actually, a lot of people do it. I've heard of it happening from several different people.

    I used to do this as a teenager, a couple decades ago.

    First I would soak the tennis ball in a lighter fluid bath overnight, and then let it dry. This both stiffens the ball and makes it more flammable... both a benefit to the 'experiment'.
    Then, cut a small slit on one of the grooves, about 1/4" long, and start stuffing the strike-anywhere match heads in until it is about 3/4 full. Definitely more than half is needed; but you also don't want too many in there either.
    Finally, throw the ball straight up as hard as you can, and run while gravity takes its toll. when it impacts the ground, there's a nice small explosion... of course you have much less control over its target this way; if you are strong enough you can throw it at a wall or other solid object...

    don't use a lighter! this is made out of matches. if you light it with a match or a lighter it will go "ffffffffttt" and that's it. if you hit it with a hmmer or a sledge hammer, the friction from the impact will make it explode or detonate.

    Nice idea, that is if you are a good shot! :)