Cheap But Powerful K'nex Shooter





Introduction: Cheap But Powerful K'nex Shooter

This is my first instructable so please leave positive comments.
In this instructable ill show ya my knex but powerful.

Step 1: Making the Canon

All you have to do is build the canon like shown in the picture.

Step 2: The Video!!

When its done, all you have to do is load it and fire!
There is a video to show you its true powa!!!!
The hardest your rubber band is,stronger it will shoot.



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    OMG you guys leave him alone!!! he said in the title Cheap but powerfull leave him alone

    Once upon a time, I made this, The next day I took it apart, THE END I always post this on bad guns 0.5*

    Lol. Can I use this? :)

     I changed it, you can have it.

    My new one:

    Once upon a time, I sat in my room and made this
    It sucked so much, it actually self destructed.
    Later, I made my gun. Way better than this.

    The End

    I will put 0.5* but even this gun is not worth it.

    Congrats!! you have made a decent piece of shi*! it has decent range, no one hates you for it, and its simple!

    thx pineapplebob =D i hope you liked it

    what, i don't get a thanks?

    It's just that I don't really get what you mean buy cheap, and no one else has ever said it.