This is my first instructable so please leave positive comments.
In this instructable ill show ya my knex shooter.cheap but powerful.

Step 1: Making the Canon

All you have to do is build the canon like shown in the picture.

Step 2: The Video!!

When its done, all you have to do is load it and fire!
There is a video to show you its true powa!!!!
The hardest your rubber band is,stronger it will shoot.
OMG you guys leave him alone!!! he said in the title Cheap but powerfull leave him alone
Once upon a time, I made this, The next day I took it apart, THE END I always post this on bad guns 0.5*
Lol. Can I use this? :)
&nbsp;I changed it, you can have it.<br /> <br /> My new one:<br /> <br /> Once upon a time, I sat in my room and made this<br /> It sucked so much, it actually self destructed.<br /> Later, I made my gun. Way better than this.<br /> <br /> The End<br /> <br /> I will put 0.5* but even this gun is not worth it.<br />
Congrats!! you have made a decent piece of shi*! it has decent range, no one hates you for it, and its simple!
lol nice
thx pineapplebob =D i hope you liked it<br/>
what, i don't get a thanks?
It's just that I don't really get what you mean buy cheap, and no one else has ever said it.
What do you mean by "cheap but powerful?"
He already said cheap, gosh, give him a break. I think it's pretty good for your first instructable. 3.5 stars.
stop saying its cheap i know it is &gt;&lt;<br/>why dont you talk about his powa instead =D?<br/>
Yeah, it's cheap all right.
Lol, cheap.

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