Cheap Continuous Flow Electric Fuel Still





Introduction: Cheap Continuous Flow Electric Fuel Still

After studding many still designs I had decided to build a continuous flow Coffey style still ( on a small scale from readily available material for experimentation with alternative fuels like alcohol. I knew I was not going to spend hundreds of dollars on copper tubing so I started thinking of alternatives. I had recently built a tin can alcohol stove (!/) and decided to try to use some beer cans.So build it , change it and start making your own fuel!

Step 1: The Schematic

This is the concept and diagram of the continuous still I designed.

Step 2: The Vid

you tube vid

Step 3: Vid 2

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    If you are actually going to use this to distill alcohol, ou will need to add a thermometer. That way you dont accidentally boil out the methanol and ethanol together. The ethanol will be ok, but the methanol will make you blind... :(

    You can't distill what's not there.

    Ethanol= grain alcohol.
    methanol= cellulose ( wood) alcohol.

    As long as you're not brewing your car hooch on wood chips or other indigestible items, your end product will be :

    - Ethanol


    -Minute amount of foul smelling compounds (butyric acid).

    . Variations of these are what gives brandy, whisky, etc. their unique flavour.

    this is a still , im not going into firmentation just distillation...

    read the title
    Cheap continuous flow electric fuel still
    you will notice the word Fuel.

    I have posted this reply many times on you tube, I'm not sure about here but I will say it again.
    It Is For Fuel Alcohol.

    would you have another link to the video??? as youtube informs me it is no longer available.The instructable is very interesting and I very much appreciate your effort

    Interesting. The use of cans to make the trays and the wall of your fractionating tower is a very slick idea. It must be a pain to clean though. Now what proof are you getting and how good is your temperature stabilization. Just curious.


    I saw this on youtube, and I favorited the first video just for the music lol. I ended up making a large still though, because I couldn't really figure yours out. If you could make it step by step and just use pictures instead, that'd be awesome.