Cheap Cooling System





Introduction: Cheap Cooling System

This instructable will show you how to make cheap cooling system.

Step 1: Parts You Will Be Needing.

The parts you will be needing are:Tape
DC 1,5 V motor
That all.

Step 2: Attach the Wires to the Motor,and Attach Propeller to Motor.

Just attach wires to motor and tape it with tape.Just attach propeller to engines pipe, it should look like this.

Step 3: Finish!!!

Just put the batteries an enjoy.



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How about adding a container of water and putting pipes through that so that it actualy COOLS you instead of pushing air, evaporative cooling my friend... If you don't upgrade this instructable its just going to stay as "How to make a fan"

How wold you go about configuring it? I am interested thanks

You just need moving air over some water, the high energy particles are removed leaving the solution with the lower (kinetic) energy particles therefore cooling the solution. You then need some airflow through some pipes that travel through the cold solution to lose energy and cool the air. A quick example of evapourative cooling; get a skin safe solvent such as water or ethanol. put a drop on the back of you're hand and make sure it is spread thin, then blow on it. Record observations and inferences...

what the heck..........

Why not just hookup an old computer fan to a 9v ????

Your pictures aren't plain; this is neat, but nothing beats the breezes from sitting under a large tree. LOL

you must have wrote that in 10 minuets

less dude