have any of you got one of those cheap dart-guns that shoot the orange suction darts? they arent the best guns, but the're fun. UNTILL you lose all the darts. here is a simple solution to that problem.

All you need is:

a dart gun that shoots suction darts

A pen with a barrel larger around than the dart

electrical tape

a saw

Step 1: Cut the pen barrel

Picture of cut the pen barrel
mark and cut the pen barrel into 4 equal pieces, as shown.
kylekosan234 years ago
hey where did u get that gun at i use to have a pistol that shot thoes bullets but ever since them ive never seen oneever
Nerf975 years ago
the shotgun part of the longshot wont shoot what should i do
did you mod the AR? (air restrictor) If its the front part then cock it really really slowly (i know this because im 11 i used too big of a bit on the front when i was 9 on the ar and well... lets just say it takes more than 27 seconds to cock and if you move faster than about .2 miles and hour it slips and because to much air passed through the ar to shoot i know its slow...sigh) if its the back do the same (idk what you defanition of shotgun is for example the front could be a sawed-off shotgun or the back part could be a normal shotgun idk i wont mod the back)
Nerf975 years ago
does this work for nerf darts
Big Bubba7 years ago
I might be wrong, but isn't the holster the thing that the gun goes in like on your hip or a shoulder, not what you put bullets ( or in your case "darts") in on the side of the shotgun
It's really called a side saddle, but w/e
joemonkey (author)  Big Bubba7 years ago
yeah it is, but i made this like a year ago, and it was my six year old brothers name and idea.
goeon7 years ago
where did yu get the gun i need to know
joemonkey (author)  goeon7 years ago
mr. gatti's
goeon joemonkey7 years ago
ok i got mine at the dollerstore i turned it esily in to an airsot gun i will post instructables soon
Knex Guru7 years ago
Make a bandolier for those orange shell things from buzzbee toys
my_2_cents7 years ago
lol, i have that gun just that that gun isn;t very good. i got a better one
pates18 years ago
I have that exact gun.
i have one of these shotguns but it shoots those soft rubber bullets and it is execellente'!! it has a good range to
i had one of those i took it apart for the spring for perfect ducks red impact
Mace428 years ago
wtf is up with a minus 2 rating? This is a good idea.
lol i got 2 of thos guns from the dollar store last year. For mine they came with a holster, and i taped both guns together for a double barrel shot gun, and put a airsoft gun spring inside (makes faster) lol.
That sounds sick. Now on to explody-ammo. _