Cheap Decoration: Cute Tea Lights





Introduction: Cheap Decoration: Cute Tea Lights

Cheap party decorations. Nice for a birthday, wedding or other festive day.

If you want to you can use multiple colours in layers or change the exchange the little paper balls for paperflowers as shown in this instructable: .

If the decorations are going to be used with (smaller) children, it may be a good idea to use LEDs instead of the real tea lights.

Step 1: Material

Gather all the material you want to use. This may include:

- different colours paper

- tea lights (real or LED)

- glue or glue gun

- stickers, pearl or other additional decorations.

- scissors

- ruler

Step 2: Preparing Paper

Cut the colours you want to use for the little balls (or flowers) into pieces. You need about 16 pieces per colour for every tea light.

Ca 3 x 1.5 cm for balls

Ca 28 x 1.5 cm for flowers

The base colour should be about 2 cm longer than the circumference of the tea light (probably 13 cm including the 2 added) X about 2 cm wider than the height of the tea light.

Step 3: Paper Balls

Randomly for the pieces of paper to turn them into small ball like shapes.

Description for the roses can be found here:

Step 4: Put Everything Together

Glue the base colour (I used white) onto the tea light.

If you want to, add a second tea light upside down for extra strength and a more luxurious look. When the top one is burnt out, you can turn it upside down (once cooled) and reuse your home made decoration.

Glue the balls at the bottom of the base.

Now is the time to add stickers and other decorations.

Step 5: DONE!!!

Repeat as often as you want to create as many as you like.



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These are so pretty, and I bet they make amazing decorations for any party! Welcome to instructables!

Thank you!!