Cheap, Easy, But Still Good X-mas E-card





Introduction: Cheap, Easy, But Still Good X-mas E-card

Every year I send out a photo card of my girls for x-mas. But this year, not only are the cards and postage getting very expensive, but I couldn't get any good pictures of the girls. ( Toddlers love to not hold still)

This year I made a pretty good E-card. It took one evening, and I didn't have to lick a single envelope.

See the whole video here.

Step 1: Take Some Pictures.

Take some pictures of the family. I have my failed photo attempts, and I also took some head shots of each family member. Plus I got some video of the girls singing jingle bells.

Step 2: Elf Yourself

I went to Elf Yourselfand using the headshots, I turned my family into elves. It was pretty easy, and really neat. There is all sorts of stuff to choose from. I shelled out the 5 bucks, to download my own copy, but hey, that's a lot cheaper than postage for 100 x-mas cards.

Step 3: Put It All Together.

I threw it all together in Windows Movie Maker, because I have it, and I know how to use it, but you could use any video program you want to.

Add some sound, some titles, and you've got yourself a Christmas Card.

Step 4: Spread the Joy !

Now that you've made your card, show it to the world. I posted it on my blog, and then e-mailed everyone to tell them to go look at it.

So for $5, I made an x-mas card for everyone, it's different, and I didn't kill a single tree. (that I know of)

You can see it here

And best of all, no envelope licking!



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There is no such thing as XMAS! Why do you not write CHRISTMAS? After all its his day!

I am glad no one got upset that you wrote X-mas instead of Christmas. Those who do get upset about that do not realize the "X" in X-mas is really the Greek letter 'chi', which is represented in English with "ch". It is an old abbreviation for Christ, and even appears in some manuscripts of the New Testament. Merry Christmas.

hahaahah, my family played on that site for hours couple weeks back...i recommend anyone to check it out as funny!