Step 3: Predrill, countersink

Picture of Predrill, countersink
Measure and mark both ends of the shorter 2x4's (on the broad face) 3/4" in from the edges and 3/4" in from the ends. The picture makes this much more clear. Predrill and countersink with the #10 bit. You will be drilling two holes in each end of each short 2x4, eight holes in all. After this step, there is no need to predrill any more holes, so put the countersink away.
llmadigan4 years ago
aeray, you are THE MAN! i made your shelves and am super pleased with them - especially since i'm not much of a builder :) i'm planning on making this bed tonight and have everything but the countersink. how important is it that the screws are sunk in? could just a pilot hole be good enough? i'm not trying to be a cheapskate, but if i don't have to buy it i'd prefer not to...

thank you, btw, for putting together these plans and posting them for free! i'm so proud of myself for building simple/solid stuff for myself.
TXTIGER2 years ago
Great Project. Thank you.

I plan to replace the upper part of a trundle bed with this platform, but would still like to be able to slide the lower part of the trundle underneath. Before doing so, can you please let me know what the dimensions are inside the legs, on the long side?

Thank you
aeray (author)  TXTIGER2 years ago
5'-4" or 5'-2-1/2" depending on how you orient the legs. The legs aren't symmetrical, so they can be installed in two orientations.
jdennett4 years ago
I just finished building it, with the exception of the legs, which I will probably do later on today. However I beefed up the design a little, as I am about 300lb, and my girlfriend is not petite. The 2x4 frame was upgraded to 2x6's, and a 2x4 center beam was added down the middle. Also basically doubled the struts to about 16 if I recall...It feels really secure, and firm enough for me. Now it just needs legs to give me some storage space, and be easier to get in and out of.

Thanks for the great basic design!
aeray (author)  jdennett4 years ago
Thanks for the feedback. Enjoy!
msaul4 years ago
I am using hemlock instead of pine. Do I need to predrill holes to connect the 2x4s?
llmadigan4 years ago
you remembered :) i ended up going with the 1/4" all thread - which my hardware store cut for me! i'll post a pic of the shelves in a bit....

i was wondering if i could just use 2 different drill bits to countersink, but wasn't sure if it was ok to do.

i'll post pics of the bed when i'm done.

and i cannot wait to see the table!! (i was going to ask if you were taking requests on new "cheap, easy, low-waste" pieces, and a table was going to be one of them).

thanks again!
notsotall4 years ago
which 'supplies' do I buy less of to make it a lower platform bed?