Step 7: Admire and enjoy your work

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Flip it back over, put a mattress on it, and try to fend off all your friends who want one too. I charge $30 plus a 12-pack of beer for mine, but you can work that out on your own.
dandersen42 years ago
AWESOME project! I have put together some name brand furniture with more difficulty and lesser quality. I asked the lumber yard to cut it for me and just assembled it when I got home. It took about 1 1/2 hours and an adjustment after I was finished as it set too high for my thick mattress. I used it until I moved and gave it to my niece who has been using it now for over a year with no problems. Thank you for a great, easy project.
aeray (author)  dandersen42 years ago
I'm glad it worked for you, and thanks for the compliment.
urbanalbino4 years ago
I made this today! Thank you for posting such awesome directions. I have never assembled anything this 'detailed' before. I had the help of tool identification and uses from my dad and an exceptionally smart 7 year old cousin. I haven't put my mattress on it yet, but I've got a feeling its going =)to be postiively splendiferous.

By the way --- using a saw leaves you with a very strange satisfying feeling!! =)
tinamcruz10 months ago

How do you think I could adjust fire to make for my California king mattress? I want to do this today and surprise hubby before he gets home from hunting. Thanks

aeray (author)  tinamcruz10 months ago
King size adjustments are given several times in the comments. There are several pages of them to wade through; they might be on page 4 or 5 but I am not sure.

So what would you charge to build and ship one to NY state???

aeray (author)  cara.j.bilbao1 year ago
I shipped one to Florida four years ago for about $75 total. Really, though, just find a local handyman or carpenter and give them the plans and the material. It will be cheaper. And, there is really no reason you couldn't build one yourself: that is the whole point of the Instructable.
kmehl041 year ago
I just finished mine today. Same dimensions, but I'm using a full sized mattress so there's less of an overhang. Also only needed two legs because there is a sturdy wooden ledge running the length of one wall in my bedroom. Lumber costs were closer to $80 in my neck of the woods (NorCal). Still, a nice beginner project for me.
I made this bed last weekend to get my wife and I up off the floor. We recently moved and are using our old bedroom furniture in the guest room. We couldn't be happier. The bed is sturdy and provides a lot of storage space. I was able to build a full (double) size bed for $61, including the purchase of a countersink bit. I had to buy the lumber from a big box store. I'm sure it could have been cheaper, if I had convenient access to a lumber yard.

Thank you so much for posting these plans.
devells3 years ago
Just built this frame for the second time in a year. Thanks so much for the plans! I built it in Boston a year ago, then just moved to DC, and instead of moving it with me, since I had limited space, I decided just to build it again when I got here. It's cheaper than a cheap Ikea frame, it's pretty much just as easy to put together, and I can feel proud of building it myself. Thanks!

Also, second time around I shortened the slats a little bit, as well as the legs - slats are 4'5" and legs are 1'7", so I was able to buy 6' 1x4s and have no waste for 8 slats and all 8 legs! And my storage bins still fit underneath! I appreciate your attention to waste, I probably wouldn't have given it as much thought as it deserves, being an ultra beginner at this stuff.
devells devells3 years ago
Oh and with the old frame, my roommates repurposed it by taking the legs off, adding boards in the spaces, staining it, and using it as a small deck in a small Boston yard. Pretty cool!
geargirl4 years ago
Awesome platform bed! Plan on building it tomorrow! :) We have a queen-sized bed with a box spring, mattress and memory foam, all which make our current bedframe (at 10" off the ground) too tall! We're planning on building this bed frame with only 2-3" of clearance--just enough for air to pass through and keep it ventilated, but allowing us to get into bed without using a pole vault! My question: We have split boxsprings, so we really need full coverage for the whole footprint of the bed: 60" x 80" I believe, and not the smaller "queen" footprint that allows the mattress to hang over the frame a smidge. Has anyone built this bed to true queen measurements? I would sure appreciate any quick measurement modifications in order to create the 60 x 80 frame. Thanks so much! geargirl
ttru geargirl3 years ago
The platform is designed to just put the mattress on. you don't need a boxspring. if you got some rails you have yourself a bed already
kechols4 years ago
I've seen the twin size posted... what is the size difference in making an XL twin? Thanks.
bluestars5 years ago
Cool build! Very simple - even a complete novice like myself could follow it. I'm moving off-campus next week and I really don't want to drop $130 on a CHEAP platform from Ikea. I have two concerns, though. Firstly, because of my college co-op program, I may be moving as often as once every 6 months. How hard is it to disassemble and reassemble this bed? It seems pretty firmly screwed together. Secondly, I broke two of the dorm loft beds - the screws that held the support structure to the legs split the legs. I'm not exceptionally heavy or anything, but I am rather rough when I hop into bed. Is there anything I can do to strengthen this bed, or is it alright as is? Thanks a lot, aeray!
itobor25255 years ago
Great idea, kudos. Long ago, I had a similar wooden futon bed frame; I hated the feling of the 'gaps' between slats. On a walk through our old neighborhood; my wife and I spied a construction crew about to discard thick styrofoam (I know, I know styrofoam! - but it was free and repurposed) insulation board. We asked if we might have some of the larger pieces. The foreman gladly handed them over and several feet of duct tape, a fitted sheet for a cover and a few minutes of my time, voila, a substitute pad was born.
salene755 years ago
I've looked all through the comments, yet I can't find dimensions for a twin size bed. Am I missing them somewhere? I love this design and can't wait to get my kids' mattresses off the floor. Their room is really small and the mattresses have to make an "L", but standard metal frames just won't fit. Thanks for this great project!
notblaine7 years ago
Very nice. I bet you it'd make a nice poolside bed with a couple coats of sealant - throw your towel down after you get out of the pool and sun dry.
That is actually my plan, ie, poolside bed. Will cover futon mattress with plastic layer and sunbrella fabric and I'll have the coolest lounge ever, for way less than the $1K it would cost for me to buy it already done! I'll post once I've done it!
That's a great idea! Though you may want to have less space between the slats as it may be slightly uncomfortable (without a mattress) as it is now.
sethg5 years ago
Thanks for the awesome plan! I looked at the cheapest frames at Ikea, etc and they were all over $200 and you still have to assemble it. So I looked up 'build a bed frame' and I got this page right away. I knew I could do it, it looked so easy!
I went to Rona (Canada) and had to buy pretty much everything needed (square, screws, drill, bits, lumber), they cut it for me no charge. The only issue was that they didn't have 14 foot so they recalculated with 12 footers and it was still low waste.
Back at home with the loot I put the whole thing together in a couple hours! It's very sturdy and looks nice! I especially like the 1.5 feet of clearance for under the bed storage!
In total I spent under $100 ($35 drill, $35 lumber, $20 screws, $5 bits and square) plus I have a drill out of the deal so I think I came out way ahead!
My only suggestion would be to predrill the holes for the legs, the first one I tried cracked the leg so I predrilled the rest and they were fine. I still used the cracked leg.. Other than that it looks the same as the pictures!
Thanks again!!
rtwitchy6 years ago
I have $30 and a 12-pack of beer! where do you live? lol. No I'm gonna try to build a full size version if I can get some tools...I was so spoiled with all my dad's tools but he moved....if you do happen to ive in Geaorgia though...
aeray (author)  rtwitchy6 years ago
I actually built one, took it apart, and shipped it to Florida after someone saw it on this site (I even threw in a screwdriver). I suggested that he just print off the instructions and find someone local, but he paid me $175 to do it anyway. Over $80 was shipping. This bed could be built with a handsaw, a screwdriver, and a hand drill, so good luck.
susieqaz1 aeray6 years ago
This is so perfect, and I'm going to build it with the handsaw and a hand drill. I moved to go to law school, and all my tools are in storage halfway across the country. I have a tiny apartment, and this is perfect! I wanted something that is simple, just the right size for the mattress and allows storage underneath. The bed will slide (like a trundle) under a bookshelf platform and be my couch during the daytime. The bedding will hide underneath. Other platform bed plans I've found were overkill, complicated and/or required purchasing storage cubbies. I sew, so I'll make a tailored dust 'ruffle' to cover the storage area. Thanks!
 Thank you for sharing your ideas!

I'm in a pretty similar situation. I really like the bookshelf platform idea. Do you have any details on this you would be willing to share?

I also like your dustruffle idea as a temporary solution, at least. I'm thinking of doing something similar but adding plywood hinged on top with handles on the bottom. I'll probably stain the whole thing to match the folding bookshelves and trunk I already have. :)
tarala5 years ago
very nice, clean and cheap.... could also use the design with longer legs and slats closer together for a great table!
Leeannvon6 years ago
Can someone give me the dimensions for the twin size...this is exactly what I am looking for to put in my daughters bedroom.
bnolsen6 years ago
What does this look like with a mattress on it. A queen sized mattress by spec is 60x80, but the measurements of the slat width and frame are 55x74 (without the length overhang), which is more like a full sized matress at 54x75. Is this frame big enough to put a queen sized foam mattress on? How much will the mattress overhang this by? I'm just getting ready to pull the trigger on building one of these for my daughter's room. After that I'd build this in a king size, but add an extra 2x4 in the middle length wise and also perhaps add single 1x4 (or 2x4) legs at the ends of this piece for extra bracing of the slats. If there's a better suggestion for king?
mspieg6 years ago
If you wanted to make it taller (not a loft bed, but a tall storage bed, big enough for two levels of drawers/shelves underneath, maybe 3' tall, do you think you'd need to add additional support to the legs? Or could you just make them taller?
aeray (author)  mspieg6 years ago
I would just use 1 x 6 boards for the legs instead of 1 x 4's.
tam0176 years ago
Awesome plan! I was looking for a cheap way to convert my two daughters' bedroom into a "cooler" room and they wanted this set from an expensive store:http://www.pbteen.com/products/p2415/popup.cfm?tool=vLarger&thissku=9349366&fromrgl= So, my questions are: can you give me dimensions for a twin bed? AND, you would be the most awesome carpenter ever is you had a plan for that little corner storage unit shown on the website. Nothing fancy, even a simple cube would work. I have the basic carpentry skills, but can't come up with something without *instructions*
aeray (author)  tam0176 years ago
Scroll down through the comments to find the twin conversion measurements in a few places, I think. As for the corner unit, if I get time I'll see what I can come up with, but it may take a while.
patrick_b6 years ago
What size of bed does this exact design accommodate? i have a double bed so will i have to expand this template?
samjguess6 years ago
I just finished building the frame and my wife loves it. Because we have an extra thick pillowtop mattress I had to trim 4 inches off the legs. It was an excellent project and took me just under 2 hours to complete.
That would be a 12-pack of CANADIAN beer, eh? Robertson and blued pine... Very nice and straightforward, no pun intended, and way cheaper than what I built with 4X4 and pegs! I'll be looking for more from you..