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Introduction: Cheap Easy Shop Organizing

easy cheap tool to help organize your garage with banker boxes

Step 1:

I built shelves on the walls of my garage and have bankers boxes in them. Each banker box has a label indicating what is inside, such as, tape, glue, spray cans, sanding discs etc. I made a simple tool to take these boxes down with no problem.

Step 2:

I took a 2x4 and cut it to 44" put a knotch at the top which goes 1 3/4" down and left a 1/2" lip on it. use this lip to put in the handle hole of the bankers box and lift down. Can't explain how well it works, even if there is 50lbs in the box. Try it out. My garage is nice and organized and always know where to find everything. Put a hole in the top of the 2x4 and just hang it on the wall.



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    If you attached an old metal bookend to the hand at the right height, you could get a little extra to support the bottom of the box. Just hook the handle and raise the box slightly, then lever toward the shelf to slide the thin metal part of the bookend under the bottom edge of the box.

    Thanks! Hard to picture how well it works until you try it out. One box is filled with spray cans, which weigh a lot and it's still easy to take down.