Cheap & Easy Way to Making Air-tight Bags.





Introduction: Cheap & Easy Way to Making Air-tight Bags.

Have you ever had to rush over to the supermarkets to grab a few zip-lock bags after finding out your previous ones were already torn apart? Look no further, than this instructablem that will help solve your problems! It won't even take 5 minutes!

Things you will need:
1) An empty plastic bottle
2) Tissue paper to wipe off any moisture still in the bottle
3) A pair of scissors
4) A penknife
5) A plastic bag

Step 1: Cut the Bottle.

Cut the bottle near the nose area using a penknife. If the sides come out jagged, trim them off with a pair of scissors.

Discard the lower half of the bottle, or grow some plants in them if you wish!

Step 2: Place Item in Bag.

Place the item that you wish to air-tight in the bag.

Step 3: Unscrew Cap.

Unscrew the bottle cap.

Step 4:

Insert the plastic bag through the mouth of the bottle.

Step 5:

Screw back the bottle cap and there you have it, your very own air-tight bag!

*If after a few usage, the plastic bag gives way, you can throw the bag away and replace with a new one!



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Very similar idea on this site--FYI look for "Matpåse nr 1"

This is great! -- using common items in a really unique way.

Now you need to fix a replacement valve stem into a drilled hole in the cap and modify a small hand pump to "Suck" and not "Blow" and you will have a vacuum sealer system

Genial in its simplicity. I'll definitively use it in my next trekking :)