Cheap Faux Energy Drinks for the Sleep Deprived





Introduction: Cheap Faux Energy Drinks for the Sleep Deprived

Step 1: Tools and Supplies


- Coffee Maker
- Refrigerator
- Glass Bottle (Plastic will dissolve and taste bad)
- Funnel (Mine is the top of a Two Liter Bottle)
- Spoon
- Bandanna
- Hammer


- Coffee Grounds
- Sugar or Honey
- Coffee Filters

Step 2: Make Da Coffee

1) Put the coffee filter in the Coffee Maker

2) Pour the Water into the Coffee Maker

3) Put the Pot under the Coffee Maker

4) Put the Grounds on to the Filter

5) Close the Top

5) Turn on the Coffee Pot

6) If you didn't know how to do that hit yourself in the face with a hammer

Step 3: Pour Da Coffee and Add Da Stuff

Now you need to add that hot coffee to the bottle with the sweet stuff.

1) Get your glass bottle

2) Put it in the sink

3) Put the funnel on it

4) Pour the Coffee in but leave room for sweet stuff

5) Get your chosen sweet thing.

6) Pour Chosen sweet thing in.

7) Take some extra coffee and wash the sweet stuff you spilled into the bottle

8) Cap a bitch

9) Shake

Step 4: Chill Da Drink

1) Take da Bandanna and pick up the bottle

2) Put the bottle in fridge

3) Close the fridge

Step 5: Sleep Less!

Now you have a delicious way to pump your body full of caffeine but not rid your wallet of money.

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    Your instructions weren't clear enough, I got my foot stuck in the toaster.

    Nothin but Tough Love here at Instructables

     Nah, L is just making things better for us all, i like this instructable, but just great pictures aren't gunna do everything!

    It would though be nice to know the amounts of honey, sugar and how strong the coffee is brewed, etc. 

    that would help but some people like their coffee uber strong like me while others cant stand the taste of it (lousy coffee haters). but i agree, a rough estimate would be of great help

    When you say delicious, you mean it tastes good as well as wakes you up, or does it actually just wake you up?

    Coffee tastes good. Coffee wakes you up. I assume he means both...

    hehe, don't use a beer bottle and do this while driving, the police may not be happy lol!

    Just drive normally and you will be fine.

    Erm, does it work better than plain cofee?