Introduction: Cheap Faux Energy Drinks for the Sleep Deprived

Picture of Cheap Faux Energy Drinks for the Sleep Deprived

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

Picture of Tools and Supplies


- Coffee Maker
- Refrigerator
- Glass Bottle (Plastic will dissolve and taste bad)
- Funnel (Mine is the top of a Two Liter Bottle)
- Spoon
- Bandanna
- Hammer


- Coffee Grounds
- Sugar or Honey
- Coffee Filters

Step 2: Make Da Coffee

Picture of Make Da Coffee

1) Put the coffee filter in the Coffee Maker

2) Pour the Water into the Coffee Maker

3) Put the Pot under the Coffee Maker

4) Put the Grounds on to the Filter

5) Close the Top

5) Turn on the Coffee Pot

6) If you didn't know how to do that hit yourself in the face with a hammer

Step 3: Pour Da Coffee and Add Da Stuff

Picture of Pour Da Coffee and Add Da Stuff

Now you need to add that hot coffee to the bottle with the sweet stuff.

1) Get your glass bottle

2) Put it in the sink

3) Put the funnel on it

4) Pour the Coffee in but leave room for sweet stuff

5) Get your chosen sweet thing.

6) Pour Chosen sweet thing in.

7) Take some extra coffee and wash the sweet stuff you spilled into the bottle

8) Cap a bitch

9) Shake

Step 4: Chill Da Drink

Picture of Chill Da Drink

1) Take da Bandanna and pick up the bottle

2) Put the bottle in fridge

3) Close the fridge

Step 5: Sleep Less!

Picture of Sleep Less!

Now you have a delicious way to pump your body full of caffeine but not rid your wallet of money.

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seductive_lamp (author)2013-01-25

Your instructions weren't clear enough, I got my foot stuck in the toaster.

PopEye42 (author)2009-10-07

Nothin but Tough Love here at Instructables

J@50n (author)PopEye422010-02-13

 Nah, L is just making things better for us all, i like this instructable, but just great pictures aren't gunna do everything!

It would though be nice to know the amounts of honey, sugar and how strong the coffee is brewed, etc. 

lphillips094 (author)J@50n2010-12-11

that would help but some people like their coffee uber strong like me while others cant stand the taste of it (lousy coffee haters). but i agree, a rough estimate would be of great help

andrew012 (author)2009-10-07

When you say delicious, you mean it tastes good as well as wakes you up, or does it actually just wake you up?

ItsTheHobbs (author)andrew0122009-10-07

Coffee tastes good. Coffee wakes you up. I assume he means both...

lphillips094 (author)ItsTheHobbs2010-12-11


J@50n (author)2010-02-13

hehe, don't use a beer bottle and do this while driving, the police may not be happy lol!

AlternateLives (author)J@50n2010-10-22

Just drive normally and you will be fine.

Warlrosity (author)2010-05-02

Erm, does it work better than plain cofee?

GDParduhn3 (author)Warlrosity2010-08-15

i just hit big lots for more nos, redbovine, blue frog, hansens, or whatever, , their shot bottles are a buck each,, , maybe i shouldn't share this info. . liquid b-vitamin drops are available at wally world for 4-6.00$ depending where you live. . add them to whatever or use them under the tongue, for not so harsh aftereffects (like with other caffeinated products)

Warlrosity (author)GDParduhn32010-08-17

Wally World?

GDParduhn3 (author)Warlrosity2010-08-18

wall mart. . when out of state, i noticed some people calling their local wallmart, wally word not to be confused with the chevy chase movie vaction, and the theme park they goto . no this is the sprawl-mart of mass retailing.

Fashim (author)Warlrosity2010-05-10

In short Slightly. It gives it more sugar which mean's it will make you hyper but not as much as caffeine if i was you id just buy No Doz and put them in the Fatal Amount of Caffeine for an adult is usually 4 to 10 Grams 1000 Mg = G and a No Doz is 100 Mg so have 10 At the max. The most Ive had is 7 Which is like the equivalent of 4 Energy Drinks and a Coffee.  I'm 13 so if stores don't allow you to buy them Find another store.

Fashim (author)Fashim2010-05-10

But I've built up a slight immunity to Caffeine so like 400MG (2 Energy Drinks and a Coffee) barely effects me. -.-

Fashim (author)2010-02-26

Step 8 is my Favourite

Wafous (author)Fashim2010-05-09

 You've got me!

korgoth25 (author)2010-04-12

Also add in some crushed caffeine pills

zook74 (author)2010-03-18

Sweet! I just may have to try a variation of this. I drink coffee like a FOOL! And I love iced coffee. I think I'd trick this "energy" drink out with some milk. Milk, honey, coffee. Iced. Hmmmm...  Honey, in and of itself, is some wonderful stuffs. Just ask that baptist-guy, John. Hmm... Maybe I'll add some pureed locusts while I'm add it. Ok. Mebbe not.

Cheers, dude.

Longboarder1 (author)2010-01-03


Kaelessin (author)2009-10-07

kudos for saving a chunk of change on switching to coffee but I'm not entirely sure that your method's got any breathtaking breakthroughs . . .perhaps if you added a healthy dose of humor this would have been more entertaining?

cmccarty0724 (author)Kaelessin2009-11-22

 i agree

cmccarty0724 (author)2009-10-29

so, this instructable actually is...
1. Make coffee, 
2. Add sugar or honey

PopEye42 (author)cmccarty07242009-10-29

Yeah,  that's pretty much it.  I only put this up because it's been incredibly helpful to me.  It's probably the reason I can still make grades in college.

I'm sure you have some bit of knowledge that is very important to you that other people would want to hear about like:

If you stuff wet shoes full of newspaper they will dry in just a few hours.

I thought other people could benefit from this.

cmccarty0724 (author)PopEye422009-10-30

 you honestly believed that people could benefit from being told how to make sweetened coffee?

doobuzz (author)cmccarty07242009-11-22

Give the guy a break - ideas are nothing until someone spreads them

PopEye42 (author)doobuzz2009-11-22


Molten Boron (author)2009-10-07

What should I do after that part about hitting myself in the face with a hammer?

PopEye42 (author)Molten Boron2009-10-08

You should do that cartoon thing where you hold your nose and put a air pump hose in your mouth to pop out the depression in your face.  Then you'll be good as new

Molten Boron (author)PopEye422009-10-08

Video coming soon.

PopEye42 (author)Molten Boron2009-10-08


PopEye42 (author)2009-10-07

andrew012 - Well that all really depends on how much you want to spend and how fattening you want to make your drink. If you buy really good coffee beans then it'll be delicious. Also, if you load it with honey or sugar it'll be delecious. However, If you do it cheap and dirty like me it will not be delecious but it'll keep you up.

MudoskiStudios - Thanks man.  That's what it's for!

Lemonie - I was not pumped up on caffine when I made this.  I probably would have spelled things right if I had been.  I ran out of my drink and I had to make more so I thought that I would make it an instructable.  As far as portions go it's pretty simple.  I use 3 tablespoons of grounds and 1 Tablespoon of honey or sugar per 5 cups of water.  I use Schnucks Columbian Grounds becouse they are cheap and delicious (I am not responsible if you put the honey or sugar in the coffee maker, Sweet stuff belongs in da bottle)

lemonie (author)PopEye422009-10-08

Thanks man ,,(use the REPLY) feature - people get notifications that you did. I just happened to look at this again.,,


MudoskiStudios (author)2009-10-07

Well for the authors sake i tried this and i know everybodys different but it worked for me. I was kept up for about 6 hours thanks to him.

lemonie (author)2009-10-07

Hi man, were you tired or pumped-up on caffiene when you did this?
I like the make, and it's shown well, but you should check the words in this.
E.g. "conscience boosting" - you mean consiousness?
How strong do you make the coffee, some proportions would be good to know?


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