Cheap Finished Crawl Space Closet With Oak Sliding Doors





Introduction: Cheap Finished Crawl Space Closet With Oak Sliding Doors

I had a finished crawl space in my attic and decided to convert the area into a closet.  I constructed two large oak frames and four smaller wooden frames lined with beige cloth to inlay into the doors.  I bought two rails for hanging sliding doors at home depot and hung these from the ceiling (I ripped a triangular 2x4 down in order to hang the doors flush and trimmed this out with a horizontal piece of oak with the top of it ripped down to the same or a somewhat steeper angle.).  I lined the left side of the closet with four affordable wire shelves from Ikea and affixed a top to these.   I added a bar for hangin clothes to the right side of the closet.  As a finishing detail, I added fluorescent lighting within the closet to light the clothes and give a warm flourescense to the doors when they are closed.



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    This is great. I've been collecting built in closet ideas for rooms w/ knee walls for a few weeks now. What are the height of the doors and depth of your closet?

    Thanks, the height of the doors is 62" and the depth of the closet at the floor is 35". The shelving when stacked 2 units high is 48" tall and 21" deep. There is a couple of inches of clearance behind the shelving at the top and obviously about 14" at the floor. I put a couple of stationary shelves behind the wire racks for off-season storage. Additionally, on the right where I have hanging I had room for two bars with shirt-length off-season hanging on the rear bar.