Introduction: Cheap Food: Cauldrons!

Hello interneters!

Here is a video on how to make Cauldrons. We used to get Cauldrons all the time on the way back from snowboarding because they are cheap and fill you up! I made this instructable at techshop in SF.

The video is a bit long (Friend had to make a video for a film class), so if you don't want to watch it, the ingredients and steps to make this smorgasbord of a sandwich can be found below


1. A Bread roll or bowl. Any roll of bread should work as long as you can hollow out the inside.
2. Fillings. You can use literally anything, from fried chicken to pasta. (Get creative)


1. Create your Cauldron by Hollowing out the Bread so just the crust with an empty cavity is left. (Save the bread you take out)
2. Stuff your fillings inside the empty Cauldron and use the extra bread or "crumb" to push it down.
3. Eat! Once your Cauldron is full you are ready to eat. If you want to save it for a bit, stuff the extra bread on top to make a top. (Use some tinfoil or plastic wrap as well ;) )

Enjoy, I know the Cauldron has served me well over the years and I hope you enjoy it too. Also, don't forget to post what you filled your Cauldron with!


bethmwl (author)2014-08-21

Thanks for sharing. This is easy than the 'brick' sandwiches I've made for camping and boating trips.

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