Cheap Gate Latch


Introduction: Cheap Gate Latch

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A latch for a gate made out of a 2x4 and a handle

Step 1: Materials

What you need:

#1 Handle(2.00)Home Depot
#2 10in. 2x4(found)
#3 3in nails x3(found)

Step 2: Assembly

Nail The handle to the 2x4 at on end and then with one nail attach the handle to the fence so it can pivot on it.

Step 3: Youre Done

2 things:

This is my first instructable please don't be too harsh



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    I can't quite see how this works, but I love the wonky-nails! (You should have used screws)
    To add image notes, you need to be logged-in, it's a left-click drag. You're obviously using a Mac(?) but this may still work.

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    > You're obviously using a Mac(?) but this may still work. How is that obvious? Many people have problems figuring out how to post image notes. It's no more difficult on a Mac than any other computer. The only possible problem would be the Browser being used. The computer's OS has no effect.

    There was a line about not being able to add yellow comment boxes, and only having one button on the mouse. The single button mouse is what led me to conclude a Mac was involved. However, that problem has been solved, only having one button was not an obstacle.

    Hehe... On single button mice, the one button is the left button. The right button is available in the case of a one button mouse (even in Windows!) by using the Control key with the button click.

    I've heard the "Single button mouse" as criticism about the Mac for years, but I've found, working with people on both platforms, that most regular users never learn to use the right button or use it improperly. I once had a client that thought the only way to open an icon was to right-click and select "Open." She was astounded to learn that double-left click did the same thing.

    the new mac mighty mouse looks like a 1 button but is in fact 2 buttoned, we just got 1 with our new IMAC, 24in. , 2.4 ghz , 320gb HD, I like it alot

    The Mighty Mouse is actually a four button mouse. The scroll ball is button three when pressed and the two side buttons act as button four when squeezed.

    Yea, I know because I've used them (there are things I like about OS-X Macs) which is why I emphasised the word 'left'. W/ref CTRL, do you not find it a bit perverse that a nice simple one-button system has to compromise it's self (with CTRL) in order to offer the same features of a more complicated two-button system? Personally, I prefer the keyboard over simple point and click operations, as it's much more efficient.

    Relax, don't get all mac-defensive :)

    And... What exactly is "mac-defensive?"

    As I see it, there's one nail in the centre of the bit of wood around which it pivots, and the two wonky nails are there to attach the handle to said piece of wood. They're wonky because they are too long; if the nails weren't wonky, they'd go straight through into the fence, and the latch wouldn't pivot.

    the beady eyes on that neighbor kid seem to suggest that your latch won't be that effective in keeping the gremlin out..however...having a prominent "closure device" does help when the cops come to ask you why you shot the kid with a pellet gun simplest door closure there ever grandpa used to be a ship see similar "latches" (sans wonky nails) on virtually every wooden hull boat made...easy and effective

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    he is on the other side of the fence and can't reach over it

    las vegas, I love my mac and wouldn't trade it for any thing, I don't know why It didn't work last night but worked this morning, I was in Safari both times

    yeah ningo thats exactly how it works

    technically, you wouldn't even need the handle, just a scarp of wood and a nail. The handle just makes it easier to grab.