Picture of Cheap iPhones, iPods, iEverything How To
Ok STOP before you go buy a really really expensive iPhone or whatev don't because you can save some money on it. Heres How...
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Step 1: Apple Actually Does Sell Their Stuff At Reasonable Price?

Picture of Apple Actually Does Sell Their Stuff At Reasonable Price?
But to find these miracle deals from apple click the link below.


All this stuff is from apple but its still FROM them so its guaranteed for their quality.
You could save hundreds of dollars buying from their refurbished section.

Step 2: Check Out Some Different Sites That Are Safe

Picture of Check Out Some Different Sites That Are Safe
Its important to buy from sites you, your friends or someone you know bought from unless the site is known to be safe because its one of those prominent sites.

Look for deals like instant rebates or mail in ones both great ways to save money.
And if None of this stuff helps you always always use Google.

1.Google has a google shopping thingy that can help you find deals on products.
2.Usually the safest and most used sites will come up first and most of the time those are safe.
3.It has a cool name.


Picture of FINAL STEPS
1.Pick what apple product you want.
2.Go to the apple store.
3. Write Down their price.
4.Write Down What you can find on GOOGLE.
5.Compare & Contrast
6.Check Reviews (make sure you get what you want)
7.Buy it.

Step 4: Hurray!

Picture of Hurray!
Wait a week or sumtin and usually your package arrives.
You have to pay for it, right?
vukidam6 years ago
those are show up on apple.com buh iphone is no longer available !!
The Red Button (author)  vukidam6 years ago
yeah i guess it changes from time to time.
baneat6 years ago
Thanks for the tip. I was looking for an iPod 30GB like the classic, but with a flat face. Too bad :(
crearc6 years ago
Thanks!!! I love it. Short but sweet instructable.