Introduction: Cheap Lighting Solution(LED Light)

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If you have some spare white LED's & want to do something with those then it's excellent to build a lighting system with low heating and low power consumption with bright light.It doesn't requires any type of heat sink.

Step 1: Materials Required

* 24 white high intensity led(You can use any no of it but then you have to consider the power consumption of it and according to it use resistors with suitable wattage)
* PCB (if available) otherwise protyping board
* Old USB type mobile charger
* Any USB cable
* Resistance

Step 2: Led Matrix

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Just create a 3x8 led matrix as shown. All LEDs are connected in parallel.

Step 3: Connect the USB Cable

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Just connect the positive and negative power supply wires of the usb cable with the anode and cathode of any one of the LED ( since all led are connected in parallel) respectively.

Step 4: Charger

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Connect the usb cable with the mobile phone charger. That's it !!! nothing else to do.

Step 5: Completed Led Light.

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Just connect the mobile charger with the mains and enjoy cheap lighting solution with low power consumption. It doesn't requires any type of heat sink.


kcraske (author)2015-06-10

The problem with connecting all the led's in parallel is that the characteristics of the individual led's will not be identical. Hence it is possible that one led might hog the current to the detriment of the rest. It would be a good idea if you see one led brighter or dimmer than the rest to replace it.

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