Elementary Mitre Box





Introduction: Elementary Mitre Box

A mitre box is a wood working tool used to guide a hand saw to make precise and fast mitre cuts in a board. The mitrebox is lightweight and portable. It's a good tool for smaller mitring jobs.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

A miter box could hardly be simpler, consisting as it does of only three pieces – front, back, and bottom.

You will need:
- about 1 meter wooden board
- hand saw
- square angle tool
- nails or bolts

Cut wooden board into three equal length boards and connect the boards together using nails or bolts.

Step 2: Marking

Measure the outer width of the mitre box and take the first mark

Apply the measured width to the length of one edge and make a second mark.

Create 45 ° degree angle by connecting opposite marks.

Step 3: Cutting

Make a cut along the three marks using your hand saw. Try to be as precise as possible. To make your mitre box pretty sand it or paint it as you wish.

Step 4: Use

Now we can use it to create frame images or canvas frame and a lot of other things. Here's an example of creating frame for a canvas.

I hope your new mitre box will be of a good service in lots of creative projects.

Step 5: Use in the Kitchen.

For example, you can slice of bread with a miter box, or almost any other sliceable food that'll fit into it.
More on the https://www.instructables.com/id/Bread-and-mitre-box/



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I don't mean to be a buzz kill. But there is literally no mention of the measurements used. What distance between the marks creates a 45 degree angle?

"Measure the outer width of the mitre box and take the first mark

Apply the measured width to the length of one edge and make a second mark.

Create 45 ° degree angle by connecting opposite marks."

You just need wide calipers or a stick of wood. Figure out how wide your box is, and mark that far up side. Connect opposite corners to make a square with an x in it.

Easy and quick! I made a few more miter box add ons and its great!

This is what I was looking for. I looked for "simple" Miter box. I too am concerned about how to free hand the 'precise as possible' cuts.

older 'ible , I know, but I agree that cutting carefully to make the box (from scrap wood, for example) , would allow you to cut with relative impunity, and ease if you had a large number of mitred cuts to make .

Great Instructable dude! I'm trying to build it now, and all your work helped me a lot

How do you keep the saw perpendicular when making the cuts? You say "try to be precise as possible". The whole point of a miter box is to create precise cuts, so your box has to be perfect, or all the wood you cut with it will be off.

I understand the whole "maker" thing, but there are companies with factories that offer precise tools cheap enough that you don't need to make them yourself. Here's one that includes the saw!


... but the real "essence" of the instructables is "do it yourself". To be honest I prefer a home-made wood miter box than the plastic one... even it doesn't include the saw :-)

You didn't answer the question. How do you make precise cuts in the first place?

I think you are right. If you can precisely cut the miter box with a hand saw, you should be able to precisely cut a frame without using the miter. Now, had a friend's table power saw with precise angle adjustments were to be used to make the precision cuts to build the miter box, that would be another story. There is nothing new about this diy. This is something as old and common as building a birdhouse.